The best VPS service for automating forex trading

Forex box is a modern effective solution for those traders who are constantly developing and looking for new methods and technologies to increase the success of their work. It combines a lot of useful functions in one program – this is a trading terminal, advisors, indicators, experts and other useful options. Thus, by programming your own trading algorithms, you can launch one or more trading terminals for round-the-clock trading.


By connecting several trading terminals at once, you can maximize the coverage of resources on various exchanges of the world – this was previously unavailable, because the time of trading around the world is different. And in order to make an adequate decision, it was necessary not only to receive and analyze all incoming information in a timely manner, but also to follow the changing trends in world markets. Now, in order not to miss the most profitable deals, you just need to correctly calculate the algorithms – and entrust the entire process to the Forex box.

Features of VPS for forex robots from “Forex-box”

It is very important that such a robot is not only very convenient, but also very simple both in installation and in settings. Users who already work with the Forex-box note the following features:

  • The robot works with the main trading terminals MT4 and MT5 – but if necessary, you can contact the support service and download any other relevant terminals;
  • There are no restrictions on the brokers the user works with;
  • The traffic for receiving and sending information is practically unlimited;
  • Trading is carried out in a fully automatic mode, performing only pre-set functions;
  • Confidentiality is a key concept for the Forex box, it is guaranteed, unauthorized access of third parties to personal or financial information is completely excluded.

This is an absolutely safe and reliable program, very easy to install – no special skills are required to connect it and download trading terminals, all the necessary parameters are already pre-installed. In addition, using the Forex box, each user will be reliably protected from such troubles as power outages, power surges and drops in Internet speed – now this will not affect the trading process, submitting orders and making decisions.


Offer from “Forex-box” for clients

Forex box offers only the most favorable conditions for its new and regular customers. In addition, all the conditions are very simple – a single tariff is only 2.48 euros per month and includes one connection, one server and one terminal. This is the easiest connection option that every trader can afford.

The minimum connection period is only one month. This is quite enough to appreciate all the advantages of working with the Forex box.