Types of Papers in College

The Anglo-Saxon educational system works the way that you will most likely write a lot of papers in college. It’s not just English classes, either. You’ll have to turn in research papers, lab reports and essays for your other classes as well. The best way to prepare is by knowing what types of papers you might be asked to write during your educational career. Being prepared is the key to success, and getting to know what waits for you in college in terms of writing is a wise move.

Types of Papers You Will Write in College

The first year of college is a time to learn how to write. You will be asked to write in many different ways, so it’s important that you know the different types of papers that you will encounter. There are several types of papers you will have to write in college. Students need to learn how to write them. It is not easy, but with the tips from this article it is possible. These are the most common types of papers that students need to write:

Research paper

This type of paper requires a lot of research on the topic and writing skills. A research paper is usually assigned as a final project for one or two classes. It can be written on any topic from any field, but you should know something about it before you start writing.

Thesis paper

A thesis paper is similar to an annotated bibliography, but with more details and analysis. It should include your opinion on the subject and support your opinion with evidence from other sources (books, articles). Thesis papers are often assigned as final projects for one or two classes, but they can also be written by yourself if no one asks you to write one for him/herself.

Review paper

Review papers are shorter than research papers or thesis papers and contain only few sources in the bibliography section at the end of the document (usually less than 10). A review paper doesn’t require extensive research on the matter.


Book review is not about writing on what you think about a particular book; rather, it requires analyzing a book from different angles (such as structure, plot etc.). You should also provide your opinion about the book after reading.

Expository Essays

This type of paper explains or describes something in detail, often using examples or other evidence for support. In order to do this effectively, you need to have a good understanding of the material being explained. For example, if you’re writing about how electricity works, then you should know what electricity is before you start writing your expository essay on electricity!


There are many more types of paper that depend on which discipline you study and which college you attend. However, in the end, their format will be in 90% corresponding with the list above. In further articles we will cover more types of college papers with some tips on how to write them.

How is College Writing Different from a High School Writing

Writing in college is a lot different from writing in high school. In fact, it’s almost a completely different animal. In high school, you wrote papers on topics that were interesting to you (maybe). You didn’t have to worry about APA citations and MLA format because your teacher told you exactly how to format your work.


Now that you’re in college, things are different. Even if you’re not taking an English class or a history class or something like that, there’s still a good chance that you’ll need to write a lot of papers throughout the year. And these aren’t just any papers — these are research papers!


Research papers require lots of research and lots of citations, so it’s important for students to learn how to write them properly.  If you are just starting and most of your papers are a work in progress, and you want to receive better grades right away — please contact the following essay writing service WriteMyPaperHub to write your college paper. You will both get a great copy written in strict accordance with your requirements, and learn some tips and tricks from the best and the brightest. It is a sure way to solve your writing troubles, especially when the deadline is close, and you have zero energy to create another college paper from scratch.

Extras to Remember When Writing a College Paper

As we have already said, college paper writing is different from the one you were doing in high school, even if you were fairly good at it. Here are some points you want to consider when writing your first college papers.


  • Each paragraph should have its own topic sentence (or an opening sentence). It is also important that the paragraph has a transition sentence (or closing sentence) that connects it to the previous one or the next one
  • Referencing styles: Harvard referencing style, APA referencing style and MLA referencing style are three most popular referencing styles among students
  • Sample essays: Sample essays are great resources for learning how to write your own academic essay.


Later, when you receive enough feedback from your professors, you will deal with college papers much faster, because you will know the details. For now, we recommend you to write in a simple way but with good references, to look for good sources, but to limit time you spend on research, because if you don’t, you will be snowed by various quotes. Also, make sure you start writing as early as possible, even if you write just one page – it is a great way to beat the writing block and get your mind set in the right way. It is a proven fact that if you have something written, it is much easier to open the document and continue. Think about common writing groups that are popular in college — they also help to beat procrastination, as you follow the group dynamics. It is also a great way to socialize and find good connections.