Digital Dentures – the next big thing?

Thanks to the various technological advancements science has made periodically over the years, we’ve been able to make many strides within the field of dentistry so much so that, you could go as far as saying that dentistry or, more precisely tooth and dental restoration has become a combination of technological prowess, expertise as well as a sort of art form due to the heavy emphasis place on dental implants being aesthetically pleasing beyond just functional.


Typically, 3D printed digital dentures can quickly be made and fitted thanks to the use of technology. As their name indicates, completely digitally with your mouth being scanned and saved on file.

Digital Dentures in a Snapshot

Because the teeth are made by software thus individualized, more room is made for customizability. This means your dental implant can easily and match your original tooth to the tee.

The degree of precision required to make these also means these dentures tend to fit better in your mouth then a conventional denture would as they rely on a mold.

The tools used to make your dental implant know exactly where and how you’re your tooth should be in comparison to the rest of your teeth. Many patients have noted the comfort experienced when biting their teeth together.

Once your digital dentures have been designed, they’re saved and on file forever.

This means if you ever need to get some work done on your implant or need to have it replaced, no need to go through the whole impression process again!

Your new dental implant is only a phone call and can be fitted in a matter of days.

The great thing about digital dentures is, the consistency that comes with them. Since so much of the process is based on technology and thus handled by computers, the margin of error and inaccuracy is significantly diminished guaranteeing the same result over and over again.

Moreover, the entire process is made more effective and simplified. All your concerns can then be addressed and resolved in a couple of days rather than over the course of multiple appointments with your dentist.

Crafted from resin significantly stronger than the acrylic used in conventional dentures, digital dentures also have the added benefit of usually being far more durable. Comfortably lasting around, if not over ten years, they have nothing to envy from traditional ones.

  • Customizable

  • Convenient

  • Streamlined Process

  • Durable

Overall, the choice of dentures you go with is personal and, should be based on your precise context and circumstances alone. Nonetheless, as outlined throughout this article, digital dentures are just as great of an option as conventional ones and, on some points, even offer better advantages making them better value for your money.