What are some yandere quotes?

What are some yandere quotes?

You always try to escape me, always try to leave me, and you never stay, never, and I don’t understand why. I love you best. I always loved you best, even when you didn’t remember my name: you’ll remember me eventually, won’t you? No one else will ever love you as much as or the way I love you.

What is a Japanese yandere?

Yandere is a portmanteau of two Japanese words. The first is yanderu, which means “to be sick,” and the second is deredere, used here for “lovestruck.” A yandere is often sweet, caring, and innocent before switching into someone who displays an extreme, often violent or psychotic, level of devotion to a love interest.

Who is the scariest yandere?

10 Creepiest Yandere Girlfriends In Anime History

  1. 1 Hotogi Shirayuki From Aria The Scarlet Ammo.
  2. 2 Shion Sonozaki From When They Cry.
  3. 3 Lucy From Elfen Lied.
  4. 4 Toko Fukawa From Danganronpa.
  5. 5 Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live.
  6. 6 Kaede Fuyou From Shuffle!
  7. 7 Anna Nishikinomiya From Shimoneta.
  8. 8 Nina Einstein From Code Geass.

Who is the biggest yandere in anime?

The greatest Yandere in anime is Satou Matsuzaka. Satou tops the list because she achieves the relationship she wants in Happy Sugar Life. Satou lives with Shio Koube, a young child not allowed to see the outdoors. Satou just wants to live her happy sugar life with Shio and nothing will stop her.

What is a Himedere?

A “Himedere” refers to a character who wishes to be treated like a princess or a queen by the person she loves, even if she is not actual royalty.

What types of Yandere are there?

Types of Yandere

  • mugai-gata (無害型)
  • kanchigai-gata (勘違い型)
  • shuuchaku-gata (執着型)
  • sutookaa-gata (ストーカー型)
  • dokusen-gata (独占型)
  • ison-gata (依存型)
  • touei-gata (投影型)
  • shoushitsu-gata (消失型)

What is a boy yandere called?

Oranyan is the term used for male tsundere. I’m not sure if there are other terms used for kuudere and yandere but all three are also applicable for male characters, though they are more common in females. – xjshiya.

Who is the top yandere?

Top 30 Yandere Characters in Anime

  • Lucy – Elfen Lied.
  • Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan.
  • Sekai Saionji – School Days.
  • Anna Nishikinomiya – Shimoneta.
  • Megumi Shimizu – Shiki.
  • Tsukiyama – Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Katsura Kotonoha – School Days.
  • Alois – Black Butler.

Who was the first yandere in real life?

The character Yukako Yamagishi is the first widely know yandere character and, to my knowledge, the origin of the modern yandere trope. She was a subversion of the common things found in many shoujo manga.

What are some of the best quotes by Yandere?

Quotes / Yandere. Quotes /. Yandere. SelfDemonstrat…. I really love you! These are my confessions. My confessions of love! Don’t be scared, baby. I’ll make you love me, no matter what it takes…

What kind of character is a yandere in anime?

Yanderes are all those characters who are initially loving and caring to someone they like a lot until their romantic love, admiration, and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either over protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined.

Which is the most harmless type of Yandere?

Types of Yandere. 1 mugai-gata (無害型) Harmless type. “As long as he/she is happy, I’m happy.” The most harmless type of yandere, the one where they have fallen in love in 2 kanchigai-gata (勘違い型) 3 shuuchaku-gata (執着型) 4 sutookaa-gata (ストーカー型) 5 dokusen-gata (独占型)

What are the different types of Yandere in RuneScape?

A yandere commits atrocities to people who are close to someone they love, making the world of yandere rotate between that person. A yangire is violent and kills for any non-love related reason. A yandegire is a character who suffers from both of these two types of “yan”.