How long did the 2011 Queensland floods last?

How long did the 2011 Queensland floods last?

The military transported residents by helicopter to an evacuation centre at Moura. The total evacuation of a Queensland town was a first for the state. Major flooding at Theodore persisted for more than two weeks. Emerald was cut off by road on 29 December as the Nogoa River rose.

How much damage did the 2011 floods cause?

The economic and commercial impact of the floods was significant. Approximately 3 572 businesses were inundated, with an estimated $4 billion in losses across the mining, agriculture and tourism sectors. Nineteen thousand kilometres of road were damaged, and three major ports significantly affected.

How many died in Brisbane floods 2011?

36 people
Queenslanders share their memories of the floods of 2011 after an “inland tsunami” thrust cars into trees, water tanks onto roads and swept away an entire town, killing 36 people. The first sound Murray Imms remembers was the roar of the water surging towards his Lockyer Valley home.

How much people died in the 2011 floods?

According to the Floods Commission of Inquiry report, 33 people died in the floods and three remain missing. The death toll was greatest in Toowoomba, the Lockyer Valley and Ipswich. Others died near Townsville; Kuranda and Mareeba near Cairns; Cherbourg west of Gympie; and in Brisbane.

What happened in the Queensland floods 2010?

Kids Encyclopedia Facts The 2010–11 Queensland floods were a series of floods in Australia which began in December 2010 and ended in January 2011. The majority of the floods were in Queensland including its capital city, Brisbane. The rain also caused floods further south in central and western Victoria. at lest 90 towns flooded.

Is Brisbane open for business after the 2011 floods?

2011 Brisbane Floods Brisbane is Open for Business! From December 2010 to February 2011 a series of floods hit particular parts of Queensland including the capital city of Brisbane. Much of Queensland was declared a disaster zone due to the flooding with 35 lives lost and approximately 200,000 people affected by the floods state wide.

How much damage did the Great Flood do to Australia?

The floods forced the evacuation of thousands of people from towns and cities. At least 90 towns and over 200,000 people were affected. Damage initially was estimated at around A$ 1 billion before it was raised to $2.38 billion. The estimated reduction in Australia’s GDP is about A$30 billion.

How is State Library of Queensland documenting the 2011 Queensland floods?

State Library of Queensland is committed to documenting events such as the 2011 Queensland floods through photographs, oral histories and other materials. To commemorate the 10th anniversary, State Library curated a selection of images, videos and other collection materials on our online engagement platform, Explorer .