Is a Plott Hound a good family dog?

Is a Plott Hound a good family dog?

The Plott Hound loves children and will often protect them, making the Plott an excellent family dog. He has a rather loud bark and thoroughly enjoys talking, especially when he’s bored, because he loves attention. Plotts need a fair amount of exercise and would like to accompany you on a nice long walk, or hike.

Are Plott Hounds dog aggressive?

The Plott Hound is widely known as an aggressive fighter in the field and has been bred to fight. However, this hound can still be a loyal, smart, and enthusiastically affectionate family dog. Potential owners should proceed with lots of care, and should socialize their dog early so they can learn their place.

Are Plott Hounds cuddly?

Plott Hounds are not cute or cuddly. They will not fetch your slippers or bring you the paper. But if you need a dog that will chase a 200-pound bear for days and never give up, they have no equal. Plotts are bred to hunt bears, raccoons, wild boars and other animals.

Do Plott hounds stink?

Plott hounds can sometimes develop a bit of an unpleasant odor, but occasional baths will keep them smelling sweet. They’re bred for endurance, which means that Plott hounds that don’t hunt need daily outlets to expend all their energy.

Are Plott hounds easy to train?

Plott Hounds require at least an hour a day of walking or other exercise. Plott Hounds are not the best breed for an inexperienced or timid dog owner. Although they are very easy to train, they do have a dominant personality and will disregard an owner that is less sure of him or herself.

Are Plott hounds chewers?

However, they are extremely shrewd and clever. As a Plott Hound owner, you must keep your dog’s mind active and focused on constructive activities. Failure to do so may result in nuisance behaviors such as destructive chewing, digging, and/or barking.

Are Plott Hounds easy to train?

Do Plott Hounds stink?

What kind of temperament does a Plott Hound have?

Cunning Plott Hound Temperament. Plott Hounds are very smart. They can be independent thinkers and do not always heed their master’s commands. However, they are extremely shrewd and clever. As a Plott Hound owner, you must keep your dog’s mind active and focused on constructive activities.

What do you need to know about a Plott dog?

Consider adoption if this is the breed for you. Plotts are best suited to life in the country where they have plenty of room to roam. They need lots of exercise and, due to their pack hunting heritage, would likely prefer a home with at least one other resident canine. Socialization is a must with this breed.

How big is the average Plott Hound Dog?

The man’s name was Johannes Plott. He bred his Hanover Hounds with local dogs to create the hunting dog known today as the modern Plott Hound dog. The average Plott Hound weight is between 50 and 60 pounds for males and 40 to 55 pounds for females. The average height is around 20 to 25 inches. Plott Hound colors are very distinctive.

Is the Plott Hound a good watch dog?

He is a very vocal hound and loves to run. The Plott Hound is not necessarily recommended for apartment life because of his vocalization. He is a spirited dog with a bit of a protective streak which makes him an excellent watch dog for your property.