Personal statement and rules of writing

Business documents of a personal nature. Personal statement-features of drawing up and registration

As you know, all documents are divided primarily into official and personal documents. Documents of a personal nature include in its composition: actually personal-documents created by a person outside the scope of his official activity or performance of public duties (the smallest system of documents includes personal correspondence, diaries, memoirs, memories, etc.); business documents of a personal nature – documents created by a person in connection with his professional activities and related to its implementation (autobiography, resume, questionnaire, personal statement, characteristics, recommendation, power of attorney of a personal nature, receipt, etc.)

The ability to properly prepare and execute business documents of a personal nature related to professional activities is no less important than the proper preparation and execution of official business documents.

Personal statement: concept, details

Application – a document containing a request or proposal of a person (persons) to an institution or official.

Currently, there are no requirements that would be drawn up for the correct execution of applications. However, there are several types of personal statements on the location of details: in accordance with the existing types of office – angular and longitudinal.

A personal statement is made by hand or printed on a computer. Personal statements can also be executed on a form that already exists in a particular institution. As a rule, in large organizations, the forms of personal applications are unified and presented in the form of forms, for example, an application for employment, for dismissal, for the provision of regular leave.

Details in the application

A correctly prepared application must contain the following details:

  • the recipient (when referring to an officer indicate the position name in the dative case and the initials);
  • the author of the application (with the address of residence for the application for employment);
  • name of the type of document as a rule, always written ” Application”;
  • the text itself (in it you state the essence of your problem, requests, and so on);
  • your signature;

The application may have attachments (for example, the application for employment shall be accompanied by originals or copies of documents on education, application form, autobiography, etc.). In this case, all applications are numbered and specified in the application. The application is signed by the author and submitted for decision. The statement of decision is the basis for the publication of the order or another document, for example, of the order of employment, order the inspection, letter to the author of the decision, information about the condition of the affected by the author of the question.


So, now you know how to write a personal statement. We have tried to consider all the nuances that most people face.

For a sample and more detailed information you can follow this link, also, it is worth remembering that the application, in some cases, must be accompanied by documents and they are mandatory. If these documents are not available, the application as such loses its validity and cannot be approved.