Who is the brother of Zico?

Who is the brother of Zico?


Who is Zicos older brother?


Family Zico (brother)
Musical career
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2010–present

What is Zico real name?

Woo Ji-ho
Zico/Full name

Woo Ji-ho (Korean: 우지호; born September 14, 1992), better known by his stage name Zico (Korean: 지코), is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer and songwriter.

How old is woo Taewoon?

31 years (May 11, 1990)

How old is Zico?

28 years (September 14, 1992)

What company is Zico with?

KOZ Entertainment
Seven SeasonsStardom EntertainmentKQ ENTERTAINMENT
Zico/Record labels
Zico (지코) is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, composer and producer under his own label, KOZ Entertainment. He is the leader of the boy group Block B, a member of the project boy group FANXY CHILD and a former member of the underground duo Harmonics.

Who is the leader of Block B?

As result of this incident, leader of Block B, Zico, also shaved his head to demonstrate his remorse. Block B returned in October 2012 with their first full-length album, Blockbuster.

Who is the fastest rapper in Kpop?

1) Stray Kids’ Changbin Changbin, of JYP Entertainment’s boy group Stray Kids, ranks at #1 with 11.13 syllables per second. Seo Changbin is a 22-year-old rapper and vocalist for Stray Kids.

Is Zico a legend?

As stated by Pelé himself, considered one of the greatest players of all time, “throughout the years, the one player that came closest to me was Zico”. With 48 goals in 71 official appearances for Brazil, Zico is fifth highest goalscorer for his national team….Club.

Season 1971
Continental2 Apps
Total Apps 17
Goals 2

Is Zico under big hit labels?

On November 18, Big Hit Entertainment officially announced that they acquired Zico’s agency KOZ Entertainment! Big Hit Entertainment’s chairman Bang Si Hyuk stated, “I am happy to be joined by Zico, the best producer and artist of Korea.

How old is Cha Tae-hyun from South Korea?

Cha Tae-hyun. Cha Tae-hyun (born March 25, 1976) is a South Korean actor, singer, television personality, radio DJ and director.

What did Choi Tae joon do in 2016?

Choi also starred in the youth film Eclipse (2016) as the lead. Choi was a cast member of the virtual reality show We Got Married in 2016, pairing with Apink ‘s Yoon Bo-mi. Choi became a permanent host on the Korean variety show Hello Counselor in September after being a guest two weeks in a row in August 2016.

Where did Uhm Tae woong get his name?

(April 2016) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) This is a Korean name; the family name is Uhm. Uhm Tae-woong (born April 5, 1974) is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in 1998, but initially struggled to emerge from under the shadow of his older sister, popular singer-actress Uhm Jung-hwa.

Who is Cha Tae-hyun in the Grand Heist?

Cha played his first historical role in The Grand Heist, as the leader of a Joseon era group of thieves who band together to steal ice. The action-comedy film was produced by his brother Cha Ji-hyun. He took on another saeguk role as the titular character in TV series Jeon Woo-chi, an impish Taoist wizard who becomes an unlikely hero.