What is demek?

What is demek?

Verb. demek. to tell, to say.

What is the meaning of Chok in Turkish?

just a few to get you through, but my two favourites are TA-MAM ! meaning OK and Chok Yasha meaning Bless YOU after someone has sneezed it will bring a smile to the persons face, it did with me ! You can also go to Youtube (learn Turkish) for some more . Sherefe- Cheers.

What does Kenef mean in Turkish?

Translation of “kenef” in English Noun. toilet. latrine.

What does Tett mean in Turkish?

best before date n. son kullanma tarihi (skt) ×

What does demic mean?

demic in British English (ˈdɛmɪk) adjective. characteristic of or pertaining to a people or population.

What is DMEK eye surgery?

DMEK is the most advanced form of partial corneal transplant procedure indicated in diseases affecting the innermost, endothelial layer of the cornea. In DMEK surgery, only a single thin layer of cells is replaced, allowing for an exact anatomical replacement of the damaged cells.

What does Mashallah mean in Turkish?

The literal meaning of Mashallah is “what God has willed”, in the sense of “what God has willed has happened”; it is used to say something good has happened, used in the past tense. Inshallah, literally “if God has willed”, is used similarly but to refer to a future event.

What does HG stand for in Turkish?

2. Turkish Internet/Text Slang

Abbreviation/Acronym Turkish English
Hg Hayırlı günler. Have a good day.
Inş İnşallah Hopefully
Muck / Mck / Mujk Öpüyorum. Kisses
Ss Seni seviyorum. I love you.

What does STT mean in Turkish?

Initialism of son tüketim tarihi (last consumption date, best-before date)

What does Acmic mean?

: of or relating to the acme or an acme.

What does Gamic mean?

Medical Definition of gamic : requiring fertilization : sexual a gamic egg gamic reproduction.