What NFL QBS have thrown 7 TDs in a game?

What NFL QBS have thrown 7 TDs in a game?


Player TD Boxscore
Joe Kapp 7 Minnesota Vikings vs. Baltimore Colts, September 28, 1969
Drew Brees 7 New Orleans Saints vs. New York Giants, November 1, 2015
Peyton Manning+ 7 Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens, September 5, 2013
Adrian Burk 7 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins, October 17, 1954

Who has the most TDs in a single game?

On December 12, 1965, the rookie running back Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears scores six touchdowns during a single game against the San Francisco 49ers at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, tying the National Football League (NFL) record for most touchdowns in a single game.

Which QB has the most touchdowns in a game?

Interpreted as:

Peyton Manning 9/5/2013 7
Joe Kapp 9/28/1969 7
Y.A. Tittle 10/28/1962 7
George Blanda 11/19/1961 7

How many quarterbacks have thrown 5 touchdowns in a game?

Only three quarterbacks have thrown for five touchdown passes in a game over 40 (Brady, Moon, and Drew Brees) with Brady becoming the first quarterback to do it twice.

Who was the first quarterback to throw seven touchdowns in a single game?

In the National Football League (NFL), eight quarterbacks share the record of having thrown seven touchdown passes in a single game. Sid Luckman was the first player to accomplish the feat, doing so on November 14, 1943, while playing for the Chicago Bears.

Who was the only quarterback to throw for 400 yards in a game?

Kurt Warner is the only quarterback to have thrown a 400 yard game in the Super Bowl. Only seven times have two quarterbacks collected 400 passing yards in the same game, and only seven times has one quarterback had two consecutive 400-yard games in the regular season. 1943 was the first year a quarterback passed for at least 400 yards.

When was the last time there was 7 touchdown passes in a game?

The most recent seven-touchdown game occurred on November 1, 2015, when Drew Brees did so with the New Orleans Saints. During that game the two teams’ quarterbacks combined for 13 passing touchdowns, setting another NFL record.