What can I use instead of a fondue pot?

What can I use instead of a fondue pot?

No fondue pot? Then just use a heavy bottomed pan. You should really keep some heat under the pan whilst enjoying your feast, perhaps try to rig up a trivet to stand the pan on with a couple of tealights underneath. Just make sure that you make the actually fondue on a hob and that it is hot when it reaches the table.

Can you do fondue without a fondue pot?

While you don’t have to own a fondue pot to make cheese fondue (I find it is best and often required by the fondue pot manufacturer to make it on the stove, then pour it into the pot anyway), using a real fondue pot does add extra flair to the experience.

How do you Swissmar fondue?

Meat fondue – Simply remove the white ceramic bowl, put the splatter-guard in place and you’re ready for a meat fondue! Cheese and Chocolate Fondue – For cheese and chocolate fondue add water in the fondue pot, put in the white ceramic bowl in place and you are ready to go!

What are fondue pots called?

A caquelon (French: [kak. lɔ̃]) is a cooking vessel of stoneware, ceramic, enamelled cast iron, or porcelain for the preparation of fondue, also called a fondue pot.

What is the best oil to use in a fondue pot?

Typically speaking, your best bet is Canola oil. It has little flavour, is cheap, and has a very high smoke point. Barring that, peanut oil is a good option as are grapeseed oil, and sunflower seed oil. No matter what type of oil you use, don’t fill your Fondue pot more than halfway.

Can you put fondue pot on stove?

The pot is made from enameled cast iron that retains heat at both low and high temperatures, so your fondue will stay at a consistent temperature while you dine. You can heat the pot on the stovetop or in the oven, then keep it warm on its stand once it reaches the proper temperature.

What kind of meat do you dip in cheese fondue?

Meat and Seafood Feature a bit of grilled steak, poached chicken, or cooked ham, all which taste even better with a bit of melted cheese. Cured meats, like beef jerky, kielbasa, pepperoni, salami, and sausage are all fun and flavorful dippers that will bring a bit of spice to your fondue pot.

How do you choose fondue?

Factors to consider when buying a fondue set

  1. Use fondue forks with colour-coded ends to help keep track of who is using which fork.
  2. Consider adding a second fondue set or raclette grill when entertaining larger groups.

What oil do you use in fondue?

Choose your favorite oil, i.e.: peanut, vegetable, canola, olive, etc. Note: If you choose to cook in broth, it is best to keep it consistent with the type of meat you are serving: for example, beef with beef broth for beef fondue. Note: Cooking with wine or champagne is also an option.

Why was fondue popular in the 70’s?

fondue made a comeback in the early 2000’s and has been growing in popularity ever since.” Perhaps one reason for its seemingly sudden popularity back in the seventies was that fondue is about as sociable as a meal can get. Back to fondue, which David Sax claims was a food fad.

What oil do you use for steak fondue?

If you are going to fondue, using a monounsaturated oil would be a better choice. Canola oil has very little flavor and a high enough smoke point. Extra virgin olive oil is acceptable, but virgin olive oil will have fewer impurities and thus an even higher smoke point.

What kind of fondue set do you need?

DETAILS This beautiful stainless steel multi purpose fondue set has a ceramic insert that acts as a double boiler, so you can use one fondue for 3 different types of fondue – meat, cheese and chocolate. Includes stainless pot, spatter guard & rechaud, white ceramic insert, six fondue forks and burner.

What can you buy in a swissmar store?

Over the last few years, we have been expanding our own brand of Swissmar products such as raclettes, fondues, wine accessories, bamboo boards, cheese knives and accessories. You can now find Swissmar brand products in many countries around the world.

Can a cast iron fondue be used for meat?

Today this original recipe has evolved in many variations to include using chicken, seafood and much more. Cast iron fondue sets are best suited for meat fondues because they provide even heat distribution and are ideal for cooking at high and low temperatures. If the pot is enameled on the inside it can also be used for a small cheese fondue.

When did swissmar start making gourmet goods?

Since 1983, Swissmar has remained focused on their original pledge to bring you the “Gourmet Goods” and will continue to bring even more excitement and innovation as they offer you the world’s best. Swissmar has been providing quality products and service at affordable prices since 1983.