How many hairpin bends are there in Ooty?

How many hairpin bends are there in Ooty?

Out of 36 hairpin bends on the 30-km road, eight hairpin bends are considered very dangerous for vehicles travelling downhill. In 2018, five tourists were killed after their car rolled down into a gorge at the 35th hairpin bend on the road.

How many hairpins are in Valparai?

There are around 40 steep, hairpin bends to reach Valparai from the plains of Pollachi. The region is also a rich elephant tract and is known to have many leopards. The Valparai range is also the habitat of Nilgiri Tahr.

Who discovered Valparai?

The History of valparai began in 1846 when Mr. Ramasamy Mudaliyar planted coffee in his own estate. In 1864 Karnatic Coffee Company and some other peoples asked the Madras Government to provide some land for cultivation in the Anamallais. Government accepted the proposal and sold the waste land for Rs.

What is another name for hairpin bend?

What is another word for hairpin bend?

twist turn
oxbow curvation
angle ellipse
whorl sweep
hairpin swerve

What is a hairpin bend called?

A hairpin turn (also hairpin bend, hairpin corner, or just hairpin), is a very tight corner. It makes a vehicle turn almost 180° to continue on the road. It gets its name from the way it looks like a hairpin or bobby pin. Hairpin turns may be called switchbacks in American English.

What is right hairpin bend?

countable noun. A hairpin bend or a hairpin is a very sharp bend in a road, where the road turns back in the opposite direction.

What is left hairpin bend?

A hairpin turn (also hairpin bend or hairpin corner) is a bend in a road with a very acute inner angle, making it necessary for an oncoming vehicle to turn about 180° to continue on the road. It is named for its resemblance to a bent metal hairpin.

How dangerous is the road to Munnar?

But the road to Munnar is narrow with lots of bends and curves. Hire a taxi or a driver with local experience if you are not familiar with similar conditions. The road can be dangerous, especially if you are driving them for the first time.

Where is Munnar located in Kerala?

Munnar is a popular hill-resort town in the southwestern state of Kerala, India, at an elevation of 1.700 m (5,600 ft) above the sea level. The town is located on the Western Ghats, situated in the Idukki district. The road is certainly breathtaking and it has a fearsome reputation.

Why visit Udumalpet – Munnar forest highway?

And for all modern day luxuries, creature comforts and divine weather, you have Munnar. Wherever you opt to stay and whatever you opt to do, this Udumalpet – Munnar forest highway offers you a thrilling experience filled with gorgeous nature.

How is the drive to Munnar from Kochi?

The winding twisty road to the town is called NH-85. It’s paved but narrow, with some curvy and steep parts. Starting from Kochi, the drive is 118km (73 miles) long. Kothamangalam is on the way and is 80 km away from Munnar. Between Kothamangalam and next town “Adimali”, you can experience a beautiful cool drive through a natural forest.