How many contrabass clarinets are there?

How many contrabass clarinets are there?

Contra literally means “pitched an octave below.” The deep and haunting sound that issues from the long python snake-like design of a contrabass creates a wonderfully low reverberation that sounds unlike all other acoustic instruments. There are actually two contrabass clarinets.

How big is a contra-alto clarinet?

This instrument consists of a tube 10 feet (3.0 m) long, in which cylindrical and conical bores are combined. The tube is doubled up twice upon itself. There are 13 keys and 2 rings on the tube, and the fingering is the same as for the B♭ clarinet except for the eight highest semitones.

How heavy is a contrabass clarinet?

On average the clarinet weighs 2 to 5 pounds. The weight can depend on the type, brand, and materials used to make it. Depending on if you have a Bb clarinet, the bass clarinet, the A clarinet, the Eb clarinet, the contrabass clarinet, the contra-alto clarinet, or the alto clarinet, the weights may vary.

What Clef is contrabass clarinet in?

Contrabass Clarinets. Description: The contrabass clarinet is pitched in the key of Bb, and parts for it are universally written transposed in treble clef, as if it were a Bb soprano clarinet. Thus, the pitch played will sound two octaves and one whole step lower than written.

What is the lowest sounding clarinet?

Contrabass Clarinet
Contrabass Clarinet: The contrabass clarinet is a Bb instrument. It’s the lowest pitched of the commonly used clarinets, one octave lower than the bass clarinet. It can be used in orchestras, bands, and small chamber ensembles.

What is the most common clarinet?

Bb clarinet
The Bb clarinet is the most popular and common type of clarinet. The Bb is a soprano clarinet. This clarinet is more suitable for a beginner and younger players.

What is the smallest clarinet?

The smallest clarinet is the Ab Piccolo Clarinet checking in at 14 inches long. It is called the Ab sopranino and is the only surviving member of the piccolo group. It’s not quite an octave higher than the Bb, but is the highest pitched clarinet produced.

What is the highest sounding clarinet?

The Eb clarinet, or sopranino clarinet in Eb, is an Eb transposing instrument. It’s the highest pitched of the commonly utilized clarinets. It’s used in some orchestral and band repertoire.

What does BB mean clarinet?

B-flat clarinet
The B-flat clarinet is an orchestral instrument going back to the time of Mozart and beyond. It starts where the black line hits the instrument. This key is generally referred to as the speaker key or octave key. It was first added by J.C. Denner (1655-1707). It allows the production of an extended scale.

What is A mini clarinet called?

The E-flat Clarinet, also called as Piccolo Clarinet, is the small brother of the Clarinet and is the highest instruments of the Clarinet family. The only difference is that it is smaller than the B-flat Clarinet. It is played like the Clarinet and is made of the same materials.