Who was the king of Balangir?

Who was the king of Balangir?

Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo

Former Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo KCIE
Succeeded by Bishwanath Das
Personal details
Born 31 March 1912 Balangir, Central Provinces, British India
Died 23 February 1975 (aged 62)

How many blocks are in Balangir?

14 Blocks
Balangir District has 3 subdivisions, 14 Tahasils, 14 Blocks, 2 Municipalities, 3 NACs, 18 Police stations and 285 gram panchayats.

What is the area of Balangir district?

2,539 mi²Balangir district / Area

Is Patna is a state?

Ancient Patna, known as Pataliputra, was the capital of the Magadh Empire through Haryanka, Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta and Pala dynasties….

Coordinates:25.6°N 85.1°ECoordinates:25.6°N 85.1°E
Country India
State Bihar
Division Patna

Why is balangir famous?

Famous as the cultural hub of Western Odisha, particularly for its indigenous tribe Kosali’s folk art and dance, Balangir is known for its temperate climate and many temples, parks, picnic spots, age-old buildings and the famous Sambalpuri cotton fabric.

Was Bihar princely state?

Patna State, was a princely state in the Eastern States Agency of India during the British Raj. It had its capital at Balangir (Bolangir)….

Patna State
Patna and Karond (Kalahandi) State in the Imperial Gazetteer of India
• 1892 6,503 km2 (2,511 sq mi)

Who is the MLA of Balangir?

Bolangir (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Created 1951
Party INC
MLA Narasingha Mishra
Const. No. 68

Why Balangir district is famous?

Who is the new collector of Balangir?

Shri Chanchal Rana
District Level

Name Designation
Shri Chanchal Rana, IAS Collector & District Magistrate Balangir
Shri Kusalkar Nitin Dagudu , IPS Superintendent of Police, Balangir
Shri Lokanath Mohapatra,MA,LLM District & Sessions Judge
Shri Ananta Narayan Singh Laguri, OAS(S) Additional District Magistrate, Balangir

Who is called the father of modern Bihar?

Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha (18 June 1887 – 5 July 1957), known as Bihar Vibhuti, was an Indian nationalist statesman, participant in Champaran Satyagraha, Gandhian & one of the architects of modern Bihar, who was the first Deputy Chief Minister and the Finance Minister of the Indian state of Bihar (1946–1957).