Which artists were on all of the lights?

Which artists were on all of the lights?

Kanye West
All of the Lights/Artists

What song does all of the lights sample?

Alexander Lewis and Brasstracks’s ‘All of the Lights’ sample of Kanye West feat. Rihanna and Kid Cudi’s ‘All of the Lights’ | WhoSampled.

Where was all of the lights filmed?

The Hype Williams directed music video was filmed in January 2011 in Los Angeles. Both Rihanna and Kid Cudi make appearance in the clip, which borrows from the opening credits of Gaspar Noé’s 2009 French film The Enter the Void.

When did Kanye all of the lights come out?

All of the Lights/Released

Who is the female singer in all of the lights?

Who sings at the end of all of the lights?

All of the Lights

“All of the Lights”
Single by Kanye West featuring Rihanna
Label Roc-A-Fella Def Jam
Songwriter(s) Kanye West Jeff Bhasker Malik Jones Warren Trotter Stacy Ferguson Terius Nash
Producer(s) West Bhasker (co.)

What BPM is all of the lights?

Kanye West – All Of The Lights – 72 BPM.

What did paul McCartney do in Fourfiveseconds?

Assistant mixing was made by Chris Galland, Jeff Jackson, and Ike Schultz. McCartney played the acoustic guitar, Longstreth played the organ and Dean played the bass guitar.

What is the cover of my beautiful dark twisted fantasy?

“Naked sphinx straddling Kanye” serves as the main cover for the album. Condo told Kois “she’s a kind of fragment, between a sphinx, a phoenix, a haunting ghost, a harpy. Then Kanye is also in some sort of strange 1970s burned-out back room of a Chicago blues club having a beer”.

Who is the woman singing in all of the lights?

The piano is played by Elton John, who also together with thirteen other vocalists provides the background vocals. American singers Fergie and Alicia Keys, sing the break-downs and ad-libs, respectively.

What key is all of the lights?

B-flat minor
All of the Lights/Keys

What was the song All of the lights about?

“All of the Lights” is the 4th single from Kanye West’s 5th studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The song is about Kanye’s qualms living as a celebrity with personal problems in the public eye.

Who was the original singer of Dim All the lights?

“Dim All the Lights” was Summer’s only hit single that she wrote alone. She had originally intended to give the song to Rod Stewart but changed her mind. The song was nominated for Best Disco Recording at the 22nd Grammy Awards in 1980.

Who is the producer of all of the lights?

[Produced by Kanye West; Co-Produced by Jeff Bhasker] [Intro: Choir] All of the lights, lights, all of the lights. [Chorus: Rihanna] Turn up the lights in here, baby.

Who are the artists on all of the lights by Kanye West?

This is the third single from American rapper Kanye West’s fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The song features a star-studded collection of contributing artists. The list includes four from West’s G.O.O.D. Friday label: Kid Cudi, John Legend, Ryan Leslie and Charlie Wilson.