What piano grade is Pathetique Sonata?

What piano grade is Pathetique Sonata?


Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
Title Sonata No 8 in C minor Op 13 Pathetique – mvt 2 Adagio cantabile
ID 13.02
Grade 6
Syllabus AMEB PFL

What level of piano is Pathetique?

Re: What grade level is Beethoven’s Pathetique sonata? According to the RCM Syllabus, Beethoven’s Op. 13 is listed under Gr. 10, but you don’t need to know the entire sonata.

What key is Pathetique 2nd movement?

Title: Pathetique Sonata (2nd Movement) [easy]
Instrument: Piano
Scorings: Instrumental Solo
Original Published Key: G Major
Product Type: Musicnotes

What is the famous Opus 13 Piano Sonata called?

8 in C minor, Op. 13, commonly known as Sonata Pathétique, was written in 1798 when the composer was 27 years old, and was published in 1799. It has remained one of his most celebrated compositions. Beethoven dedicated the work to his friend Prince Karl von Lichnowsky.

Is the Pathetique hard?

The Pathetique best falls into the category of “Advanced.” Whether or not it’s difficult really depends on your technique. If you can do the LH tremolos, the first movement is not difficult, otherwise it is. If you can play staccato scales, the third movement isn’t difficult, otherwise it is.

What level is Rondo Alla Turca RCM?

The whole A Major sonata is in the ARCT syllabus, although the first movement is probably the hardest part and the rondo the easiest part. Bernhard on PianoStreet rated K331 as Grade 7 ABRSM which equates to Grade 9 RCM.

What key is Pathétique in?

C minor
Piano Sonata No. 8/Keys
Beethoven wrote the ‘Grande sonate pathétique’ in C minor, Op. 13, between 1797 and 1799, on the cusp of the middle, heroic period.

How long does it take to learn Pathetique?

With average sight-reaidng skills ( and 2 hours daily practice) the first movement of the Pathetique could take 3-6 months to master – the 2nd movement a little less.