Where is Vidyasagar Setu located?

Where is Vidyasagar Setu located?

Vidyasagar Setu/Location

Vidyasagar Setu, also known as the Second Hooghly Bridge, is a toll bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India, linking the cities of Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) and Howrah.

Where is Vivekananda Setu bridge?

Bally, Howrah
Vivekananda Setu / Bally Bridge/Location

Is Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu same?

It is still popularly known as the Howrah Bridge. The bridge is one of four on the Hooghly River and is a famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal. The other bridges are the Vidyasagar Setu (popularly called the Second Hooghly Bridge), the Vivekananda Setu and the newly built Nivedita Setu.

How long is Vivekananda Setu?

Vivekananda Setu / Bally Bridge/Total length

Where is Howrah Bridge located?

KolkataWest Bengal
Howrah Bridge/Location

Where is Howrah Bridge situated?

The Howrah Bridge / Rabindra Setu is a cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. Commissioned in 1943, the bridge was originally named the New Howrah Bridge, because it replaced a pontoon bridge at the same location linking the two cities of Howrah and Kolkata (Calcutta).

Who built Nivedita Setu?

Larsen & Toubro
Nivedita Bridge/Contractors

What type of bridge is Nivedita Setu?

Cable-stayed bridge
Extradosed bridge
Nivedita Bridge/Bridge type
Nivedita Setu is the first bridge in the country that is a single profile cable-stayed bridge. By design, the height of the columns are lower than the tip of the Dakshineswar temple.

Who made 2nd Hooghly bridge?

It has capacity to handle more than 85,000 vehicles in a day. The bridge was designed by Schlaich Bergermann & Partner, and checked by Freeman Fox & Partners and Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited. Construction was carried out by the consortium of “The Braithwaite Burn and Jessop Construction Company Limited (BBJ).

Who built Second Hooghly bridge?

Gammon India
Vidyasagar Setu/Contractors

Where is Nivedita bridge located?

Nivedita Bridge/Location

Is Howrah Bridge foldable?

It has several interesting facts that one likes to hear and read. Here, we have listed down 9 amazing facts about Howrah Bridge which you might not have heard before! 1. Howrah Bridge is a cantilever bridge that spans over the Hooghly River in West Bengal.