What is the point of My Dinner with Andre?

What is the point of My Dinner with Andre?

Old friends Wallace (Wallace Shawn) and Andre (Andre Gregory) haven’t seen each another in five years and agree to meet for dinner. Andre, a once well-known theater director, dropped out of the New York scene to travel the world, while Wallace stuck around, finding only mixed success as a playwright.

Is My Dinner With Andre Based on a true story?

For although Andre Gregory is playing Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn is playing Wally Shawn, ”My Dinner with Andre,” put together from hundreds of hours of tapes of conversations between Mr. Shawn and Mr. Gregory, is fiction and the characters, modeled on their real selves, are fictitious characters.

How much did dinner with Andre cost?

Worldwide Cumulative Box Office Records

Record Rank Revenue
All Time Worldwide Box Office (Rank 26,901-27,000) 26,917 $15,063
All Time Worldwide Non-Sequel Box Office (Rank 25,501-25,600) 25,539 $15,063
All Time Worldwide Box Office for New Yorker Movies 56 $15,063

Is My Dinner With Andre improvised?

Not in real time but filmed with exquisite attention to the smallest details by director Louis Malle over a period of weeks. And not in a New York restaurant but on a studio set. The conversation that flows so spontaneously between Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn was carefully scripted.

How long is My Dinner with Andre?

1h 50m
My Dinner With Andre/Running time

How long did it take to shoot My Dinner with Andre?

two weeks
My Dinner with André was shot over two weeks, on a set designed to resemble the Cafe des Artistes, a favorite New York restaurant since 1917 for an upscale bohemia.

Who wrote the script for My Dinner with Andre?

Wallace Shawn
André Gregory
My Dinner With Andre/Screenplay

Who wrote dinner with Andre?

How do I watch My Dinner with Andre?

Watch My Dinner with Andre | Prime Video.

Who played the waiter in My Dinner with Andre?

Jean Lenauer
My Dinner with Andre (1981) – Jean Lenauer as Waiter – IMDb.

Who Made My Dinner with Andre?

My Dinner with Andre
Directed by Louis Malle
Written by Andre Gregory Wallace Shawn
Produced by George W. George Beverly Karp
Starring Andre Gregory Wallace Shawn