How do I unlock my NemID?

How do I unlock my NemID?

You activate your NemID through self-service. The first time you log on with NemID, enter your NemID-number (9 digits), which you will find in the welcoming letter, as the user-ID. Enter your temporary password, which you have received by mail or in a text message, as the password.

How do I get a name ID in Denmark?

You don’t need to be a Danish citizen to obtain NemID, but you need to have a CPR number and valid ID….Request NemID

  1. You can obtain NemID in a citizen service centre.
  2. You can request NemID in your bank.
  3. If you are living abroad you can order NemID online (requires Danish passport or Danish Driver’s licence).

What can I do with NemID?

You must log on with NemID when using one of the many digital self-service solutions, electronic mail (Digital Post), Borger Mail, online banking, making doctors appointments online and a lot of other websites that require you to fill out personal and private information.

How do I change my address with NemID?

How do you change your address?

  1. You must report your move to the municipality you are moving to.
  2. You change your address via the online self service facility on
  3. You need to log on with your NemID.
  4. Remember to report electricity, water and district heating meter readings when moving.

Does NemID expire?

You can always unsubscribe from this recording function, in which case DanID will no longer log where you have used NemID. DanID will keep the data for the current year + five years, after which it will be deleted.

What is NemID in Denmark?

NemID is your digital signature and a single login for public websites, digital post (e-Boks), online banking and other online self-services. NemID consists of a user ID, a password and a code card (one-time codes). The code card will be sent to you by ordinary post.

How long does it take to receive NemID?

When you have ordered the NemID at the Citizen Service, it will be sent to your Danish address within 3-11 days.

What is NemID signature?

NemID is the official digital signature for public digital services. NemID is comprised of two components: your password, which only you know; and a code card with one time codes, which you have in your possession.