What is sae J1034?

What is sae J1034?

SAE J1034. March 1, 1996. (R) Automobile and Light Truck Engine Coolant Concentrate Ethylene Glycol Type. This SAE Recommended Practice applies to engine coolant concentrate, ethylene glycol base, for use in automotive and light truck engine cooling systems.

What color coolant does Valvoline use?

Valvoline™ ZEREX™ Original Green provides superior cooling system protection for passenger, light-duty & heavy duty* vehicles. Used for decades by many automakers worldwide, the formula is proven to provide the formula provides excellent corrosion and freeze protection.

What is ASTM D3306?

ASTM D3306 contains several tests that define requirements for light duty coolants. The specification measures key physical properties of the coolant like freezing and boiling points. OEM requirements provide performance or compatibility information that the OEM feels is important to the protection of their equipment.

What is BS6580?

Antifreeze BS 6580 is an ethylene glycol based coolant concentrate, which is formulated for use in all engines including those constructed from aluminium alloys. Ideally Antifreeze BS 6580 concentrate should be diluted with DI water, it is compatible with hard water and may also be mixed with tap water.

What happens when you mix OAT and Hoat coolant?

Mixing IAT with OAT, HOAT or NOAT antifreezes will not damage your vehicle’s cooling system; however the mixture will negate the long life/extended life attributes of these formulations. In conclusion, there are a variety of colors available, including oranges, reds, greens, yellows, blues, clear and pink dye colors.

What color is OAT coolant?

The Colors of Coolant

OAT (Organic Acid Technology) Organic Acids ORANGE
HOAT (Hybrid OAT) Silicates & Organic Acids YELLOW
HOAT (Hybrid OAT, Phosphate-free) NAP Free TURQUOISE
P-HOAT (Phosphated HOAT) Phosphates & Organic Acids PINK / BLUE

How do I know if my coolant is Hoat or oatmeal?

For example, OAT coolants are usually orange, yellow, red or purple. HOAT coolants are orange and yellow for the most part. Then the older IAT coolant is green.

What bs6580 2010?

BS 6580:2010•Withdrawn. Specification for corrosion inhibiting, engine coolant concentrate (‘antifreeze’)