Is the 2005 Honda Civic Si a good car?

Is the 2005 Honda Civic Si a good car?

The 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si has the sporty appeal of the VW GTI, while also offering a nearly flawless reputation for dependability, low maintenance costs and excellent fuel economy. This plus its excellent resale value makes it the ideal compact sports car for the budget-conscious enthusiast.

What engine is in a 2005 Honda Civic Si?

2.0 L 4-cylinder
2005 Honda Civic Si/Engine

How much horsepower does a 2005 Civic Si have?

160 hp
Used 2005 Honda Civic Si Specs & Features

Horsepower 160 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 132 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
Turning circle 37.4 ft.
Valve timing Variable

What does the SI on a Civic mean?

sport injection
For more than three decades, Honda models wearing little red Si badges have been among the most affordable and fun machines on American roads. Short for “sport injection” but really just a marketing term for fuel injection, the moniker first emerged in the mid-1980s when most Hondas were still carbureted.

How many miles will a 2005 Civic last?

Now, let’s answer your question, “how many miles can a Honda Civic last?” On average, it should last for more than 200,000 miles. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last you longer — up to 300,000 miles or more!

How many miles does a 2005 Honda Civic last?

How long do Honda Civics last? The Honda Civic is a durable vehicle that can last for about 20 years, with responsible use and maintenance. This means you can get around 200,000 to 300,000 miles of service from your Honda Civic before it breaks down completely.

Are VTEC engines good?

If you put in a good low-speed camshaft, the engine’s performance at high speed is not good. Now, what the i-VTEC technology does is that Honda engines work effectively by having multiple camshafts. This is the reason why Honda i-VTEC models have high-performance and lower fuel consumption.

What engine does a 2005 Honda Civic have?

1.7 L 4-cylinder
2.0 L 4-cylinder
2005 Honda Civic/Engine

What engine does a 2004 Honda Civic Si have?

2004 Honda Civic Si/Engine

Is the Civic Si rare?

With the coupe only accounting for around seven percent of all Civic sales, seeing an Si Coupe will be a truly rare occasion.