How do you beat the dragon in Twilight Princess?

How do you beat the dragon in Twilight Princess?

Wait for the Dragon to raise his head, indicating he’s about to spit fire, and then quickly grapple around the circle of plants to the dragon’s backside. Once there, clawshot to the weak point on his back and attack it repeatedly with your sword. Afterward, climb back up and repeat the process to defeat him.

How do you defeat Stallord?

Avoid them by jumping between the two tracks. Once he gets close, jump again to knock him to the ground and slash him with your sword. Spin attacks and jump strikes would work best (do the spin attack, and while it’s recharging, keep doing jump strikes). After several attacks, he’ll be defeated.

How do you beat City in the Sky?

Use either the clawshot or the bow and arrow to hit the target above it. You must wait for the wind to stop blowing in order to shoot the arrows if doing so. Walk towards the door and as you get close, you should see a cinema of the entire city and it will be labeled as the City in the Sky.

Who is the final boss in Twilight Princess?

This page contains the Walkthrough for the Final Battle in Twilight Princess. It’s finally time to tackle the biggest and baddest boss in the game: Ganondorf.

Is the sky Temple in Twilight Princess skyloft?

It is speculated that the City in the Sky is actually Skyloft, as they are both cities which float in “the heavens” above Hyrule.

How do you activate Fan City in the Sky?

Use the Clawshot to latch onto the high vines to the south and climb up to it. Then Clawshot onto the ornament looking switch on the alcove’s ceiling to activate a fan in the center of the room. Subsequently, grab an Ooccoo and drift over the fan’s gust to reach the door right across from you.

Why does Zant snap his neck?

He used Zant as an avatar, another physical vessel before he was, as Zant said, ‘reborn’. With Zant dead, there was no longer a physical vessel for him. That’s why it showed Zant ‘snapping his neck’, it was a visualization of Ganon’s realization that his ‘host’ had bit the bullet.

What happens in the final battle of Zelda Twilight Princess?

Zelda will fire an energy ball at Link; rebound this back to Ganondorf by swinging your sword when it’s close. Continue to volley it back until it finally hits Zelda. After a few hits, Ganondorf will transform. Ganondorf will now take on the form of a giant boar.

Who is the boss of the Twilight Princess dungeon?

Armed with duel clawshots, you must defeat this airborn menace in order to complete the ‘City In The Sky’ dungeon, in Twilight Princess for Nintendo Wii. This is a fun boss battle and as you will see, isn’t too much of a pain to pull off. Loading…

How to kill Ganondorf in final battle Twilight Princess?

Ganondorf on Horesback Boss Fight Zelda will arm an arrow, as indicated by the golden glow, and will fire it after a few seconds. Zelda fires directly ahead, so make sure you’re lined up exactly with Ganondorf. If the arrow connects, Ganondorf will be stunned for several seconds.

What do you use to attack Ganon in Twilight Princess?

Thankfully, the light spirits will bestow Zelda with light arrows to attack Ganon. Chase after Ganon on your horse and Z-target him when you’re close.