How do I get the tabard of Conquest?

How do I get the tabard of Conquest?

Just go to the tabard vendor in Dalaran and there will be an option to recover your tabard of conquest. I originally earned the achievement in cata on my belf pally and I just got the tabard from the tabard vendor on my human mage.

Is tabard of the Protector rare?

This tabard ends up becoming one of the most infamously unique and rare tabards in the game. This tabard is only available to obtain during the TBC pre-patch!

Where do I get the tabard of the Protector?

In order to obtain this unique tabard, you need to be at at least level 55 and be able to fight 6 non-Elite level 60 Felguards. You can do this quest in a party, but not in a raid, and if you are not level 60, it is recommended to bring friends. At level 60, any class can do this quest in any spec.

How do you get a silver hand Tabard?


  1. If you don’t get this as a gift or be lucky/rich and buy it from somebody, you need to be on the [Shadowmourne] quest chain and kill.
  2. This is one of five vanity items that can all be gotten and kept or given away:
  3. This is the only tabard in game to show the presumed symbol of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

How do I get the Tabard of the void?

This is a Trading Card Game item, formerly obtained with 2000 UDE points. You will now have to pay someone with spare points to get this code as the program has been suspended. To get your item, first you will need to go to WoW’s Promotion Page and enter in the 25-digit code.

How do you get Shadowmourne?

How to Obtain Shadowmourne. Shadowmourne is a Two-Hand Axe that you can obtain from Icecrown Citadel. Expect to spend at least a couple of weeks before completing the quest line.

Will classic WoW get expansions?

World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade expansion is getting the Classic treatment. The long-anticipated expansion will land on WoW Classic servers this year. The expansion is due to land sometime in 2021. Now those same fans will have the opportunity to continue the story again, in Burning Crusade.

How do I get the Summer Flames Tabard?

Tabard of Summer Flames is one of the rewards from the quest Shards of Ahune. This quest is only available during the Midsummer Fire Festival event, and starts from the Shards of Ahune item that drops from Ahune.

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Can you transfer items from Horde to tabard of conquest?

This item will be converted to Tabard of Conquest if you transfer to Horde. Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide!

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