What is the effective range of a 338 Federal?

What is the effective range of a 338 Federal?

338 Federal case are less than desirable for long-range target work, but for a hunting cartridge—especially in a trim, lightweight hunting rifle—with a maximum range of 300 yards or so, it does quite well. With the same bullet weight, the .

What are the ballistics of a 338 Federal?

According to Federal ballistics data, the 338 Federal pushes a 180-grain Nosler AccuBond from the muzzle at 2,840 fps to produce 3,223 foot pounds energy. That’s about 300 foot pounds more than the . 30-06 shooting a 180-grain slug and 116 foot pounds more than a 7mm Rem.

How good is a 338 06?

The 338-06 is a great cartridge for hunting within 300 yards. I wouldn’t consider it a long range option though. Using a heavy for caliber bullet and keeping it under 200 yards makes the 338-06 a fine choice for timber hunting. If you want to reach out with a 338 class cartridge, you’re going to want more oomph though.

What is the effective range of a 358 Winchester?

Loaded with suitable bullets the . 358 is a spectacular performer at close ranges and in an accurate rifle, is a reliable performer out to a maximum range of around 300 yards. The . 358 can be loaded with either blunt bullets (flat or round nose) or pointed bullet designs.

What caliber is 358?

.35 caliber
358 Winchester is a . 35 caliber rifle cartridge based on a necked up . 308 Winchester created by Winchester in 1955. The cartridge is also known in Europe as the 9.1x51mm.

Who chambers rifle 338 Federal?

Ruger built the rifles, and Hornady supplied the ammunition. Both the . 338 Federal and .

What is the difference between the338 federal and the 358 Winchester?

Indeed, the .358 Winchester was one of the first cartridges designed using a modified .308 Winchester case while the .338 Federal is a relatively new SAAMI standardized rifle cartridge. Though they each have their limitations, both cartridges offer certain advantages when compared to their parent cartridge.

Is the 338 Federal better than the 308 Winchester?

To qualify statements, the the .338 Federal was promoted as having more muzzle energy than the .30-06 and that the .338 generated 200fps more velocity than the parent .308 Winchester cartridge with bullets of equal weight. The .338 Federal was released in collaboration with the Sako rifle company of Finland.

What is the best bullet weight for a 338 Federal Cartridge?

As you can see, the ballistics of the new cartridge are impressive. The most common bullet weights available to reloaders that are suitable for the .338 Federal are 180, 200, 210, 215 and 225 grains. 200 grains is particularly popular and this bullet weight is a good match for the case capacity of the .338 Federal.

What is the difference between 338 and 358 factory loads?

On the other hand, the.338 Federal factory ammo is normally offered with either 185 grain or 200 grain bullets. 200 grain loads are most popular for that cartridge. Finally, the majority of.358 Winchester factory loads shoot bullets in the 180-225 grain range.