Does aion have player housing?

Does aion have player housing?

The apartment is available to every player that has completed the required quest from level 21. Players can own one apartment in a studio per character. There are four different types of detached houses, which differ in size and available space for furnishing: the house, the mansion, the estate and the palace.

How do you get a house in Aion?

Getting to Your Housing It is learned after having completed the level 21 Studio acquisition quest. Those with a studio can access through the Studio Entrance in Oriel or Pernon. If the player owns a house or better type of accommodation, its location will be marked on the map and can manually be traveled to.

Where is Tigraki?

Tigraki Island location. After talking to Holm, talk to Tierunerk, who is nearby. Then go to Tigraki Island which is in Upper Reshanta, which is directly east of Sword’s Edge, and to talk to Gaochinerk. He gives you experimental wings which sends your character to Black Cloud Island at an alarming speed.

How do I get to Reshanta?

To enter The Abyss, players must complete tasks to prove themselves worthy. As of 5.3, these quests are presented at level 45 (originally level 25) automatically as campaigns and, upon completion, will allow the player to enter Reshanta.

How do I get to Reshanta Aion Asmodian?

To gain access to Reshanta via the Abyss Gates, see Asmodian Abyss Entry Quests or Elyos Abyss Entry Quests. You must be at least level 25 to begin these quests.

How do I get to upper abyss?

Before you can use a gate, you need to complete the required Campaign quests that are received automatically when you reach level 25. Once those quests are complete, you will be able to enter the Abyss by clicking on the gate. Asmodians can enter in Altgard Fortress, Morheim Ice Fortress or Beluslan Fortress.

Where do the Elyos live in the Tower of Eternity?

They are locked in an eternal blood feud against the Asmodians, whom they hold responsible for the destruction of the Tower of Eternity . The Elyos live in the kingdom of Elysea, which spans the lower half of Atreia.

What kind of people are the Elyos of Aion?

Some of the Elyos also have feathered wings, giving them an angel-like appearance. As people, the Elyos can be kind and warm, if slightly arrogant. No trace of this kindliness can be found when facing their foes however. The Elyos are fierce, deadly warriors.

Where to find Black Cloud Island in Aion life?

At level 35 you will have another quest Winning Vindachinerk’s Favor. The quest is a part of quest chain and there are two main problems: to find Black Cloud Island and NPC Vindachinerk. The island is not marked on the map and is located in the southern part of the upper Abyss.

Where do you find Talon in Aion life?

You should find Talon in Temple of Artisans to start the quest. After receiving the quest “Unexpected Reward” you have to speak with Nekorunerk at the Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium. This does not change the level of your cube, so does not raise the price of your next upgrade.