Who is the actress that plays Ludmila in Violetta?

Who is the actress that plays Ludmila in Violetta?

Ludmila is considered to be one of the main antagonists of the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. Ludmila Ferro is portrayed by Mercedes Lambre.

Why did Violetta break up with Ludmila Ferro?

In the beginning, Ludmila seems to have changed a lot after she and Federico began dating, but sometimes, she’s still quite a diva. She and Federico also broke up for some time, because Ludmila stole Violetta’s song “Quiero”. Ludmila begins to change a lot, and also becomes friends with Violetta.

Why is Ludmila jealous of Violetta and Diego?

She is now even more jealous of Violetta and now she and Diego have a plan to destroy Violetta and make her leave the Studio; but Violetta found out about their plan at the end of the second season, making her break up with Diego and get back together with León . Ludmila is potrayed by Mercedes Lambre . Ludmila comes from an upper class family.

Why did Ludmila walk out on Violetta in talents 21?

Ludmila came third in “Talents 21”, although she thought she had gone through to the finals. When she asked Gregorio why Violetta got through instead of her, he told her Violetta’s a better singer and is the only one who can defeat Federico. She got offended and walked out.

What kind of person is Ludmila Ferro in Violetta?

Ludmila is quite a diva, but she is also a lying, manipulative, and arrogant person. She’s obsessed with her image and always wants to be the center of attention, especially at Studio 21. She always gets what she wants because she is a spoiled and cruel person. But her attitude and her mean character isn’t her true self.

Why is Ludmila so jealous of Tomas and Violetta?

Despite being completely different from Tomas (both in kindness and in friends), she is attracted to him. But Tomas is in love with Violetta, which makes Ludmila obsessive and jealous. She sees an enemy in Violetta because her talent and natural beauty can outshine her.

Who is the mean girl in Violetta Fanon?

Ludmila is considered one of the main antagonists from the series. She is vain and a mean girl who treats people horribly. She is full of herself and calls herself a “Supernova”, she likes bragging around and making other people feel bad.