Who is better between Nadal and Djokovic?

Who is better between Nadal and Djokovic?

Djokovic leads 15–13 in finals. Of all matches, 17 have been in majors with Nadal leading 10–7. Nadal leads 7–2 at the French Open and 2–1 at the US Open, while Djokovic leads 2–0 at the Australian Open and 2–1 at Wimbledon….Tournament overview.

Tournament Davis Cup
Clay Djokovic 0
Nadal 1
Total Djokovic 0

Who has beaten Novak Djokovic the most?

Five of them were finals, and a record 11 were in semifinals. To date, Djokovic is the only man to have beaten Federer at all four majors and likewise Federer is the only player to defeat Djokovic at all four of them….ATP Finals.

Tournament Djokovic Federer
Year-end championship 5 6

Who has beaten Nadal the most on clay?

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (2015) Djokovic also broke the record for most sets won against Nadal at the French Open and became the only man to beat Nadal at all four Grand Slam tournaments. That year the Serbian player also managed to win all four of their encounters in the singles, on different turfs.

Is Djokovic better than Nadal and Federer?

In total, Nadal has been ranked No. 1 for about 100 weeks fewer than Federer and even fewer than Djokovic. In addition, Nadal has never won the year-end championship—the most important tournament aside from the Slams—whereas Federer has won it six times and Djokovic has won it five times.

Who is the greatest tennis player ever?

Top 10 Greatest Men’s Tennis Players of All Time

  • Jimmy Connors.
  • Ivan Lendl.
  • Bjorn Borg.
  • Pete Sampras.
  • Rod Laver. By Evers, Joost / Anefo via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Rafael Nadal. By Brett Marlow via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Roger Federer. Mike McCune, CC BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Novak Djokovic. By Yann Caradec via Wikimedia Commons.

Who is better Federer or Nadal?

Federer leads on grass (3–1) and indoor hard court (5–1). Nadal leads on clay (14–2) and outdoor hard court (8–6). A total of 14 matches have been in majors with Nadal leading 10–4. Nadal leads 6–0 at the French Open and 3–1 at the Australian Open, while Federer leads 3–1 at Wimbledon.