Does Stevens Pass have tubing?

Does Stevens Pass have tubing?

Stevens Pass Sledding Area The Nordic Center is located just 6 miles east of the ski resort at the top of Stevens Pass. There are no rope tows so you’ll be hiking up and down but that’s a good way to stay warm up there. You’ll also need to bring your own tube or sled.

What time is night skiing at Stevens Pass?

We offer a great night experience up to five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday. Night operations start at 4 pm and end at 10 pm!

Are helmets required at Stevens Pass?

Wear a helmet. Visit or contact the Stevens Pass Pro Patrol for further information on the risks and prevention of avalanche-related injuries and deaths.

Do I need chains for Stevens Pass?

We strongly recommend that vehicles driving up to Stevens Pass are outfitted with Snow/Winter tires, or at least All Season tires. We also encourage all drivers to carry tire chains. Conditions can change quickly and chains are often required during storms.

Is Stevens Pass open in 2020?

2020-21 Winter Season Schedule We are targeting December 4, 2020 as our opening day, conditions permitting. We look forward to welcoming you back where we will provide a safe and fun experience. Please note that operational hours are subject to change based on weather and conditions.

Where should I stay when skiing at Stevens Pass?

Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodging

  • Brunners Lodges in Leavenworth. Lodgine in Leavenworth, Washington.
  • Cascadia Inn. Historic inn set in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, Washington.
  • Maggie’s Cabin.
  • Mysty Mountain Properties.
  • SkyRiver Inn.
  • Sultan Dutch Cup Motel.

How tall is Stevens Pass?

1,238 m
Stevens Pass/Elevation

Is Stevens Pass public land?

Most of the trail weaves through public lands, but about 10 percent of it is owned privately, said Megan Wargo, the PCTA’s director of land protection. On the section of trail at the Stevens Pass Trailhead, however, no one secured an easement, Wargo said.