Where should I go on the Kent coast?

Where should I go on the Kent coast?

The best places to visit on the Kent coast

  1. For a beautiful beach: Botany Bay.
  2. For maritime tradition: Ramsgate.
  3. For wetlands and marshes: Isle of Sheppey.
  4. For salty sea air: Seasalter.
  5. For Roman history: Reculver.
  6. For artsy regeneration: Folkestone.
  7. For Georgian townhouses and Tudor castles: Deal.

What seaside resort is in Kent?

Herne Bay. Four miles east of Whitstable is the Victorian seaside town of Herne Bay, home to some of most psychedelic beach huts in Kent. Start your day by visiting Herne Bay’s Seaside Museum.

Is the Kent coast nice?

The Kent coast is full of wonderful holiday towns and destinations perfect for a family trip to the seaside! If it’s good enough for Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses then it’s definitely good enough for you. We’ve gone through some of the best coastal towns perfect for a summer vacation to save you the hassle.

What is the nicest beach in Kent?

10 Best Beaches in Kent

  • Minster Leas Beach.
  • Dover Harbour Beach.
  • Westbrook Bay.
  • Sandwich Bay.
  • Dymchurch Beach.
  • Botany Bay.
  • Joss Bay.
  • Greatstone Beach.

Which is nicer Broadstairs or Ramsgate?

Broadstairs is the nicer of the two, although Ramsgate is pleasant.

Is Kent nice for a holiday?

Kent was praised for the host of “opportunities it offers curious young minds”, including the retro fun of Broadstairs beach, the footpaths along the White Cliffs of Dover and, of course, the much anticipated Dreamland amusement park in Margate, which reopens this weekend.

Is there a seaside in Kent?

The Kent coast is a 350-mile stretch of chalky white cliffs, sandy beaches, shingle bays, vibrant coastal towns and, above all, glorious views stretching out across the Channel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a family looking for a day of ice creams and sandy beaches.

What is Kent famous for?

Kent is known as the Garden of England – famous for its food and drink production, and most recently wine. As much as we love gardens in Kent however, there’s much more to this county.

Does Kent have nice beaches?

Kent is home to more than 50 beaches in total, attracting thousands of people to the county’s seaside towns every summer to enjoy rock pools, visit arcades and build sandcastles. There’s little better than a day out at the beach and luckily in Kent, we have a few.

Does Kent have sandy beaches?

Viking Bay is the most popular sandy beach in Kent, but Stone Bay is just a few minutes’ walk along the promenade and perfect for families. The water at this blue star beach is super clean for swimming and families can enjoy paddling safely on the flat sand and rock pools.

Is Ramsgate rough?

Of the three towns on Kent’s Isle of Thanet, Ramsgate is often seen as the underdog: somewhat over-shadowed by the time-warped charms of genteel Broadstairs or the gaudy glory of artsy Margate. By reputation, it’s a bit rough, a bit run-down, but Ramsgate used to be posh.

Is Herne Bay nicer than Whitstable?

Getting really into the bottom end of the rankings, Herne Bay is almost the opposite of Whitstable, with its star ratings a little better than its low placement might suggest. But honestly, we think its all part of Herne Bay’s unique charm.

Where to go on a day out in Kent?

There are plenty day outs to be planned for both solo travellers and those with family (Kent is extremely family-friendly), and best of all, they’re available all-year round. Here are my top 23 recommendations for days out in Kent. 1. Marvel at the White Cliffs of Dover 2. Delve into Dover Castle 3. Be entertained at Margate Dreamland 4.

Which is the best seaside town to visit in Kent?

Four miles east of Whitstable is the Victorian seaside town of Herne Bay, home to some of most psychedelic beach huts in Kent. Start your day by visiting Herne Bay’s Seaside Museum.

Where to go on a day out in England?

Head to English’s dramatic coastline where some of the national’s most striking landmarks can be found including St Michael’s Mount or venture away from the coast towards one of England’s unspolit islands.

What to do on a day out at the seaside?

Tuck into a seafood feast on an island, try a Bloody Mary topped with an oyster or keep it traditional with award-winning fish and chips. Buckle up for thrills and spills on a sparkling pleasure pier and then treat yourself to a cloud of candyfloss to make your seaside holiday unforgettable.