Where can I find a Mitutoyo user manual?

Where can I find a Mitutoyo user manual?

All downloads for available Small Tool User Manuals have been moved to corresponding measuring instruments in the Mitutoyo shop. Please follow the 3 step guide below to find your replacement manual. *Note: For the most accurate searches please use Mitutoyo Product Codes (ex. 500-706-20).

How does the absolute digimatic indicator on Mitutoyo work?

The positive/negative count resulting from the spindle’s up/down movement can be toggled. Employing the ABSOLUTE linear encoder, the ID-C always displays the spindle “Absolute Position” from the origin at power-on. Also unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors.

How does the go / ±NG function work on digimatic?

Similar in size to Series 2 dial indicators. As compact as standard Series 2 dial indicators. Large, easy-to-read LCD. GO/±NG judgment can be performed by setting upper and lower tolerance limits. The judgment result (GO/±NG) can be displayed in full-size characters.

When do you stop using absolute digimatic indicator?

After the initial zero-setting with the Origin button, the repeated absolute positioning is no longer necessary over entire batterylife. Similar in size to standard Series 2 dial indicators. SPC data output.

What do the new Mitutoyo dial calipers do?

New designed dial movement for ultra smooth sliding and high shock protection. Can measure OD, ID, depth, and steps. Lock screw for dial bezel and for holding the slding jaw position . Models available with carbide-tipped OD and ID jaws.

Are there any user’s manuals for measuring tools?

The User’s Manuals on this website are intended to be representative of those that are supplied with measuring tools such as micrometers and calipers currently available for sale, but this website does not provide all manuals for our current product lineup on the market.