How much is a Emmitt Smith card worth?

How much is a Emmitt Smith card worth?

Emmitt Smith Football Trading Card Values

1993 Pinnacle Super Bowl XXVII #3 Emmitt Smith $20.53
1996 Ultra Sensations Pewter #29 Emmitt Smith $2.03
2020 Panini Chronicles #28 Emmitt Smith $0.22
2020 Panini Chronicles Purple #28 Emmitt Smith $0.75
2020 Panini Select #210 Emmitt Smith $1.35

Which Emmitt Smith card is worth the most money?

1990 Score Supplemental Football Card
The highest valued Emmitt Smith rookie card is the 1990 Score Supplemental Football Card numbered #101T.

How much is a Jerry Rice card worth?

BGS 9.5 examples usually sell for approximately $2,000 with the rare PSA 10 graded Rice cards now stretching into five figures. The average price for all Rice rookie cards sits at around $100. He also had a 1986 card in the McDonald’s 49ers set, distributed only within a few hundred miles of the Bay Area.

How many Emmitt Smith football cards are there?

This set was a separate 58-card box set that celebrated the 1990 All-Madden team, rookie Emmitt included. Like other Action Packed cards, this one is all glossy photos, bumped out 3-D bodyparts, thick cardboard, embossed foil gaudiness … but it’s pretty cool looking.

Which is the most expensive Emmitt Smith rookie card?

Emmitt Smith’s premier rookie card, the 1990 Score Supplemental is the one that sits atop most Smith collectors’ want lists. And it’s easily his most expensive as pricing can approach $300 for pristine examples.

What is Emmitt Smith’s career rushing record?

The legendary icon continues to hold the record for most career rushing yards (18,355), most rushing touchdowns (164) and most rushing attempts (4,409). He played with a relentless mindset and performed consistently at a high level as well as anyone. Again, those are just some of a huge list of accomplishments throughout his storied career.