Where is Alimed?

Where is Alimed?

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Type Private
HQ Dedham, MA, US Map
Website alimed.com
Employee Ratings 3 More
Overall Culture B- More

Who owns Alimed?

-based healthcare supplies company, Scott C. Lewis has been appointed CEO. The firm’s founder, Julian Cherubini, will remain board chairman.

What qualifies as durable medical equipment?

DME includes, but is not limited to, wheelchairs (manual and electric), hospital beds, traction equipment, canes, crutches, walkers, kidney machines, ventilators, oxygen, monitors, pressure mattresses, lifts, nebulizers, bili blankets and bili lights.

What does AliMed do?

AliMed is a leading provider of medical and healthcare products serving all segments of the healthcare market including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and long term care facilities, private medical practices, therapists and more.

What is non durable medical equipment?

Non-durable equipment – this includes disposable or non-permanent equipment such as gloves, rubber/plastic hose (used for equipment such as catheters and nebulizers that need regular replacement), syringes and more.

Does insurance pay for durable medical equipment?

Durable medical equipment (DME) is a device or tool that is medically necessary for a patient. Private health insurance plans are not required to cover DME, but many do, so you’ll need to check with your plan provider. If your coverage does include it, you will typically need to get a prescription from your doctor.

What equipment is used in hospitals?

Defibrillators, patient monitors, surgical tables, EKGs, anesthesia machines, sterilizers, lights, ultrasounds, and electrosurgical units, blanket/fluid warmers are all necessary pieces hospital equipment.

How much does ICU equipment cost?

Questions & Answers on ICU Equipments

ICU Products Prices
EEG Machine 95k-2.5 lakh
EMG NCV Machine 2-2.5 lakh
TMT Machine 1.75-2.5 lakh
Oxygen Generator Plant 14 lakh- 25 lakh

Which of the following is a non-durable supply or equipment?

Examples of nondurable goods include fast-moving consumer goods such as cosmetics and cleaning products, food, condiments, fuel, beer, cigarettes and tobacco, medication, office supplies, packaging and containers, paper and paper products, personal products, rubber, plastics, textiles, clothing, and footwear.

Are diapers DME?

Original Medicare, Part A and B, doesn’t consider adult diapers or other incontinence supplies, such as adult briefs, pads, or liners, to be Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or supplies, and therefore doesn’t cover these items.

How long is a prescription for durable medical equipment good for?

Prescriptions may be written for “Lifetime Need” or “99 Months”. Such a prescription may be used for the prescribed equipment as often as needed to continue therapy. If a prescription notes a number of refills, it will be valid to dispense the listed equipment the number of times shown on the prescription.