When did the Blind Melon album Soup come out?

When did the Blind Melon album Soup come out?

Soup is the second studio album by American rock band Blind Melon, released on August 15, 1995. The album was released eight weeks before vocalist Shannon Hoon ‘s fatal drug overdose, making it his final album with the band, though it was not their last release with him, as his posthumously released work was included on…

Why was soup Blind Melon so underrated?

Soup deserved to be another big hit, but due to MTV and radio’s abrupt abandonment of the band, harsh reviews from close-minded critics, and worst of all, Hoon ‘s untimely death mid-tour, all hopes of the album receiving the attention it deserved were extinguished. Soup is one of the most underrated and overlooked great rock albums of the ’90s.

What are some of the songs on Blind Melon?

A couple of the songs on Blind Melon criticize religion. “Holyman” slams people who maintain that only their religious views are right, and “Dear Ol’ Dad” is about Hoon’s ex-girlfriend who left him because of religion.

Where is Hello Goodbye on Blind Melon album?

In addition to containing the hidden track “Hello, Goodbye”, there is an additional hidden track in the pregap of the CD. To hear this track, listeners must stick the CD in their player, and as soon as track one begins, rewind the track to go into the negative pregap of a CD contained before index 01 in the CD’s table of contents.

What was the song Wilt about by Blind Melon?

“Wilt” is about halitosis. “Galaxie” is about Hoon’s struggle with addiction, and experience with his car, a 1964 Ford Galaxie. “Lemonade” is a humorous song about a bar fight. In a 2015 interview with the Songfacts website, Christopher Thorn explained how purchasing a variety of instruments led to the writing of certain songs on the album.

Who is skinned by the Blind Melon about?

“Skinned” is about murderer Ed Gein. “Car Seat (God’s Presents)” is about Susan Smith, who killed her children by driving her car into a lake in Union, South Carolina. “St.