How do you change the Ctrl font?

How do you change the Ctrl font?

If you have the Formatting toolbar displayed (as most people do), then pressing Ctrl+Shift+P selects the Font Size control on the toolbar. You can then type the font size you want to use and press Enter. (Pretty handy if you don’t want to take your hands off the keyboard.)

What is the keyboard shortcut for cutting text?

ToPressCopy all text in a recordCtrl+C with no objects selectedCopy all records in the found set to the Clipboard in text formCtrl+Shift+C with no objects selectedCut selected textShift+Delete or Ctrl+XPasteCtrl+V16

How do you underscore a word in an email address?

One of the letters in their email address IS an underscore. To type an underscore ‘_’ use the SHIFT and ‘-‘ key.

How do you underscore capital letters?

Hold the “Ctrl” key and press “U” to put a line under the letter. Press the combination again to remove the line.

How do I underscore a Gmail ID?

Gmail doesn’t allow underscores in Gmail addresses. You can only use letters, numbers and periods.