What Locks can Locksmith open

What Locks can Locksmith open

Trained to open a variety of locks from traditional more so key based locks to more modern, high security electronic locks, Boston Locksmith has a multitude of tools and techniques at their disposition to exploit.

Skilled professionals, they can get through practically any lock without damage allowing you to regain access to whatever you were locked out of.

The Various locks Locksmiths deal with

Beyond just helping you when you’re locked out, locksmiths can play an integral role in the maintenance of your locks as well as overall security measures and not just of your home but your car or place of business as well.

Traditional key based locks

Found basically everywhere, these are some of the most popular locking mechanisms. From doors to windows and cabinets this cylinder lock can be opened by a locksmith through lock picks, bump key, bypass tools and more.


Combination Locks

Combination locks can be particularly tricky, typically unlocked via a decoding process using specialized equipment, locksmith manipulate the lock mechanism in order to enter the correct combination of numbers or symbols.

Electronic Locks

As the name implies this style of lock makes use of electricity, opened with a keypad, card reader or biometric reader, locksmiths get through this by bypassing the electrical component of the lock, targeting the mechanism directly, through the use of dedicated decoding equipment.

High security Locks

Tailor made to be difficult to bypass, there locks typically use sophisticated lock designs such as pins or rotating disks. Often, this system will be complemented by alarm systems and anti-tamper measures. Through the analysis of the lock design for vulnerabilities and specialized equipment, locksmith can make their way in.

Automotive Locks

As their name indicates these locks are found on vehicles, and just like the various other types of locks, locksmith also have specific tools designed to get past these, through bypass tolls and decoding techniques, locksmith can simply bypass this lock.

Safe Locks

Designed to protect sensitive material or information such as valuable or sensitive documents. They are also typically accompanied by high security locks to prevent any unwanted access. Manipulating the lock mechanism directly or through the use of torque wrenches, lock decoders or more directly by drilling directly through to lock, accessing the internal mechanisms.

In conclusion, with the range and tools of techniques at their disposition, Boston Locksmith have the capacity to open a wide array of locks from traditional key based locks to more complex mechanisms such as automotive or safe locks in a safe and timely manner.