Don’t stay on the shore. Seaside Club investment opportunities.

Hello everyone! It’s HK. In our previous articles, we’ve already discussed our roadmap (‘the fairway,’ as we say in our team), tokenomics, and global marketing campaign.

But that was all about us. Today I want to talk about you, our community, and the opportunities you’ll get by joining us.

We always emphasize that community is our project’s cornerstone and main driving force. Without you and your trust, nothing is possible.

That’s why my main goal is to make you realize the project’s full potential, understand its essence, and ensure you’ll get lots in return.

So let’s find out which investment opportunities Seaside Club is ready to offer you.

Seaside Coin investments.

Seaside Coin is the cornerstone of the whole Seaside business ecosystem. As we already mentioned in the previous articles, there will be 3 Seaside Coin Sale rounds:

  • Seed Sale
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale

Of course, there will be bonuses at all stages. But the Seed Sale is the most profitable one.

During the Seed round, investors will also have a bonus of 17% additional coin allocation to the total amount locked.

Check out all the details in our Opportunities document.

Stay flexible in managing your capital.

There are a lot of projects offering profitable schemes of investing during the Seed and Private rounds. However, what they lack is flexibility.

That’s what I strived to change when creating the investing scheme of our project. And I managed to do it!

Our investors can be absolutely flexible when dealing with their capital.

Let’s take a look at the investment process during the Seed Sale.

Not bad, right?

Proportional unlocking is the perfect soil for stable price growth. No sales pressure! The market price doesn’t impact the token price much, as unlock happens gradually.

Cash out wisely

Moreover, if you cash out, you won’t make much noise too. The potential buyer sees the number of tokens and the whole staking amount on your account. He/she can make an offer or buy the tokens at your price.

All the information is up-to-date and transparent, so there won’t be any surprises during the purchase. This scheme is my personal pride.

Get safe annual returns.

As you may already know, I’ve developed a scheme that guarantees you a 30% annual profit, Moreover, you’ll always receive the number of Seaside Coins equal to the initial dollar value.

No matter which Seaside business you choose, you’ll get a 30% fixed annual return rate on each $1 invested distributed in Seaside Coins at a market price.

In order not to be unfounded, I’ll give one investment example.

  1. For instance, you want to invest $3000 on the 31st of December 2023.
  2. You top up your wallet with $3000 worth of USDT/ETH/USDT.
  3. You buy the Seaside Coin at the price of $3. Thus, you get 1000 coins.
  4. The coins are locked in a staking contract for 1 year.
  5. In a year, the staking contract calculates the initial staked value as $3000, and you get a $30 profit on top of that, which is $900. The total amount is $3900.
  6. If the price of The Seaside Coin changes in 1 year, you’ll get the corresponding amount of coins in return. If the price is doubled ($6), then you’ll get $650 coins.

NB! If the price of the coin drops, you’ll still receive your return on the fiat value investment distributed in Seaside Coins at a current market price.

And the last one is our main Killer Feature!

You can also keep the coins locked for 1/2/3 or more years. You’re also free to sell your NFT key to another person and withdraw funds without waiting for coins to unlock.

In a word

Now you see how many options and ways of handling your money you have inside the Seaside Club ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity for both newcomers and experienced investors to try the innovative and profitable scheme of investing and multiplying their income.

There are no losers in our investment scheme. There are only opportunities. And this is the result of the 24/7 work we did during all these years.