What is wake bait?

What is wake bait?

Wakebaits are subsurface topwater baits that create a “V” shaped wake behind the bait. These baits often draw fish directly to the bait because of the activity both subsurface and topwater. A wakebait looks an awful lot like a crankbait with a downward facing bill.

What line do you use for Wake bait?

But when it comes to what type of line to spool, he has a definite preference. “I have buddies that throw this bait on braided line but I throw it on monofilament,” Suggs said. “You really want your line to float, but you also want it to absorb some of the shock when the fish blow up on it and get it.”

What are the best Rapala lures?

Rapala Best in Fishing Lures Since 1936

  • Rapala Slab Rap Lipless Crankbaits.
  • Rapala Fat Rap.
  • Rapala Ultra Light Crank.
  • Rapala Rippin Rap Lipless Crankbaits. from $5.99.
  • Rapala Jigging Shad Rap Ice Jig. from $5.99.
  • Rapala Husky Jerk Jerkbait. from $5.69.
  • Rapala Jigging Rap Ice Jig. from $4.99.
  • Rapala Rattlin Rap. from $4.69.

How deep do wake baits go?

Still, a surprising number of anglers overlook the top 4 inches of the water. If a bait runs 3 to 4 inches beneath the surface, it is often considered a topwater bait — something that can be twitched, paused or popped across the water’s surface.

What are glide baits?

A glide bait is nothing more than a single jointed hard swimbait that swims with a wider S-motion in the water. What gives the bait category its name however is the ability to pop or pull the rod and cause the bait to careen and glide off to one side, often triggering a following bass to strike.

Are Rapala lures any good?

Most Rapala lures are made relatively well. However, some of the specific models do tend to have more bill breakage problems than others. Overall, most are good lures at the price.

Are wake baits good?

“If you’re on a good topwater bite and a cold front comes through, a wake bait can be a killer back-up plan in those same areas,” Roumbanis points out. “Wake bait fishing is one of those things that’s kind of a cross between a fast moving bait that would run under the surface and a topwater bait.”

How deep do glide baits go?

This causes an erratic glide, and is often when bass strike. In the summer months it pays off to burn it in 6 feet or less of water, but often works best about 10 feet deep, just over patches of vegetation.

Are glide baits good?

When to Fish a Glide Bait I will say that glide baits can be used throughout most of the year. Again, this is a bait that doesn’t typically get a lot of bites, but for anglers simply interested in getting big bites, this is a great bait to throw throughout the year to draw one or two monsters a trip.

What makes a Rapala a good fishing lure?

Rapala’s reputation stems from a towering list of world record catches, the knowledge of our Pro Anglers and a history of unwavering dedication to quality. Each and every Rapala lure is still hand-tuned and tank-tested to assure it has the Rapala trademark swimming action that big fish can’t resist. US

How does the Arashi wake crank Rapala work?

Runs just under the surface with a hard rolling action and a pronounced tail kick creating a large wake that draws attention. Fish it slow or fast, this Arashi® keeps waking and running true at any speed. CIRCUIT BOARD LIP starts right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth.

Are there any other companies that make fishing lures?

Many have tried, but none have been able to imitate that classic Rapala action. This is partly because Rapala is still the only company in the world that mass produces fishing lures made of balsa wood. It’s a more difficult process, but crucial to achieving the swimming action that drives fish wild. No shortcuts. No gimmicks.

What is the promise of the Rapala brand?

In fact, it’s our mission to always maintain the integrity of design and manufacturing that has become our trademark. Our promise is that no Rapala® item will ever reach the eager hands of an angler if it is not extremely effective at its intended function.