What is half past 4 o clock?

What is half past 4 o clock?

1/2 hour = 30 minutes. 1/4 hour = 15 minutes. 15 past 4, OR a quarter past 4. 15 till 8, OR a quarter till 8. half past 10.

What is the meaning of 10 minutes past 5?

10 min past 5 means the time on clock will be 5:10 PM. Now, we will convert 5 hours 10 min into an hour. We know that, 60 min = 1 hours.

What is 4 o’clock time?

At the beginning of each hour, we use the term “o’clock”. For example, “It’s one o’clock” (1:00). Or “It’s four o’clock” (4:00).

How do you say 4 45 in English?

Ex: It’s a quarter to 5 ( 4:45 ). It’s a quarter past 5 (5:15). 12:00 o’clock at night is called MIDNIGHT. 12:00 o’clock during the day is called NOON.

What does half four mean?

half four” means 3:30.

What is the time between 4 and 5?

At what time between 4 and 5 o’clock will the hands of a watch point in opposite directions? Explanation: At 4 o’clock, the hands of the watch are 20 min. spaces apart.

In which time both needle will together between 3 to 4 o clock?

In 16.36 minutes , both will coincide. That is at 3 hour , 16 minutes and 22 second. Originally Answered: At what time, in minutes, between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock, both the needles will coincide each other? x=18/1.1=16.37minutes.

How do you write 4 45?

What does it mean when it’s Nine O’Clock?

1) It’s nine o’clock. 2) It’s half past six. 3) It’s five past four. 4) It’s quarter past 6. 5) It’s ten to nine. 6) It’s quarter to three. 7) It’s five to twelve. 8) It’s quarter to eight. 9) It’s quarter past nine. 10) It’s ten to seven.

Is there a problem with 4 o’clocks?

For you northerners there’s evidently no problem, since winter takes care of their enthusiasm. In my case, this happened in a bed I’d neglected for a few years and is completely my fault, but I’ve been digging out these (huge) tubers for 3 days! Worst is I know for sure they’ve already dropped a bunch a seeds, so I’ll be cursed again next year.

When do you use the word o’clock in English?

Use o’clock only at the full hour. Example: 7:00 – seven o’clock (but 7:10 – ten past seven) In English ordinary speech, the twelve-hour clock is used.Timetables usually use the twenty-four-hour clock.

When to use twenty four hour clock in English?

In spoken English, the twenty-four-hour clock is, however, only used in official announcements, but not in ordinary speech. For times around midnight or midday you can use the expressions midnight or midday / noon instead of the number 12.