What are the ingredients of 2 day diet pill?

What are the ingredients of 2 day diet pill?

The ingredients of 2 Day Diet Pill are 100% natural herbs, such as Lingzhi, Fox-nut, Wheat Germ, Dioscoreae, Tuckahoe, Ebony, Seman Pruni and so on. The benefits of these ingredients have been known for centuries. Ling Zhi, aka lucid ganoderm, has been considered as a valuable herb that can strengthen health in Chinese medicine.

How to do a 3 day Potato diet?

Potato Diet Plan – 3 Day Sample Menu. 1 Breakfast – 3 steamed potatoes with a cup of tea/coffee. 2 Morning Snack – 2 boiled potato (cold) 3 Lunch – 2 oven-baked potatoes with skin. 4 Afternoon Snack – 2 boiled potato (cold) 5 Dinner – 3 steamed potatoes (with salt) Day 2.

When to take 2 day diet Japan Lingzhi capsules?

1. Start taking only 1 capsule before breakfast with 350~500cc water, once a day; if you feel comfortable with it after 3 days, then take 2 capsules instead. 2. To perfect the result, please incorporate proper diets and exercises into the mix as well. 3.

Is the Tuckahoe in the 2 day diet pill safe?

The other form of Tuckahoe is a mushroom that is used in Chinese medicine to aid digestion. Very little information exists about the use and safety of either ingredient. Seman Purni: In researching this ingredient the only available information of its use is that it’s added to this diet pill.

Is the linghzi 2 day diet pill safe?

Japan’s Linghzi diet pill receives FDA warning. What is it? The 2 Day Diet Pill is a weight loss pill made with natural ingredients said to have helped thousands to lose weight. There are ingredients included which are used in ancient Chinese medicine.

Is the wheat germ in the 2 day diet pill?

Wheat Germ: Cereal germ which is the embryo of a seed. It provides a nutritionally balanced assortment of vitamins and minerals. It also contains some carbohydrates and a few calories. There is no information on whether or not the wheat germ added to the 2 Day Diet Pill has any calories or macronutrients.