What is CPS CC220 Compute a Charge scale?

What is CPS CC220 Compute a Charge scale?

This COMPUTE-A-CHARGE refrigerant charging/recovery scale features a high capacity of 220lbs (100kg). With accuracy and resolution of 0.25oz (7.39mL) and calibrated to strict NIST standards, this charging scale offers the most advanced load-cell technology, making it an industry-leading scale in HVAC/RR applications.

What is a refrigerant charging scale?

A refrigerant scale is often used for air conditioner installation and maintenance. It measures the weight of liquid or gaseous refrigerant as it’s added or removed from the unit’s compressor. Technicians rely on a refrigerant scale to accurately gauge levels of freon or other refrigerants while charging the system.

What is a charging scale?

A scale for weighing the various materials used in a blast furnace.

What is CPS digital charging?

CPS Direct is in the process of implementing a digital charging process, which enables officers to go back on the beat, rather than have to wait in police stations for the charging decision.

How do you calculate refrigerant weight?

Divide this amount of heat by the refrigerant’s heat transfer rate. If the refrigerant moves, for instance, 170 kj/kg, then: 263,750 / 170 = 1,551 kg. Multiply this weight by 2.2 to convert it to pounds: 1,551 x 2.2 = 3,412 lb.

How does a refrigerant scale work?

Well, Refrigerant Scales are like any other scale. You just have to place the refrigerant tanks on the scale. The weight of the tank and the remaining refrigerant inside the tank will be displayed on the screen.

What is the best refrigerant leak detector?

Comparison Chart

Best Overall 1 Fieldpiece SRL8 Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector 100%
Runner Up 2 Inficon D-TEK 712-202-G1 Refrigerant Leak Detector 90%
Premium Choice 3 Robinair 16455 TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector 80%
Great Value 4 Elitech ILD-200 Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detector 70%

What is an electronic charging scale?

Digital Electronic Charging Scales Eliminates refrigerant transfer from tank to cylinder to system. Charge directly into the system or recover from the system. Digital electronic charging scales show the progress of the charge as it’s happening, indicating when to close the valves and stop the charge.

How do refrigerant scales work?

An HVAC refrigerant scale measures the amount of refrigerant that has gone into a system by weight. Since all HVAC systems need a set amount of refrigerant to work measuring the correct amount is very important. Too little or too much and the unit will not work correctly.

What are CPs products compact high capacity charging scale?

CPS Products Compact High Capacity Charging Scale is designed to ensure accurate reading. It features a large, high resolution LCD readout and includes an automatic OFF option as well. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Where is the United refrigeration cc220 scale located?

The CC220 Scale is an industry-leading charging scale with the most advanced load cell technology. UNITED REFRIGERATION-33166 6350 N.W. 74TH AVE.

How big is the cc220 compute a charge scale?

CC220 Scale | Compute-a-Charge Refrigerant Scale Type Corded Handheld (with LCD Display) Maximum Load 220 lb (100 kg) Platform Dimensions 8.75˝ x 8.75˝ (22.3 x 22.3 cm) Display to Scale Connection Flexcord Auto-Off Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of i

What do you need to know about CPS scales?

Pay close attention when purchasing charging scales. First off CPS Scales are made in the USA and this means more than just a durable product. It primarily means that the scale is Calibrated to US standards and repeatable. This being said, I highly recommend CPS as a quality Scale that will endure Service Work environments.