What battery can replace LR41?

What battery can replace LR41?

A common equivalent for the LR41 alkaline battery is the 384/392B sized watch battery. It is a thin circular silver oxide 1.55 volt button battery.

Is an LR41 battery the same as an 377?

For example, the LR41 is an AG3 battery equivalent, and can also be used interchangeably with SR41, SR41SW, 392, 392A, 192, 384, 92A, G3, GP192, V36, V36A, V3GA, LR736 and CX42 cells.

Can I use 377 instead of LR41?

Answer: A 377 battery is a Silver Oxide type. They will both fit the application, but the Silver Oxide type will last longer.

What is LR41 in Energizer?

SR41 and LR41 batteries are small, button/coin cell batteries often used in digital thermometers, wrist watches, toys, small LED flashlights, wearable electronics, remote controls, and similar devices. LR41 battery features a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and a nominal capacity of 25-32 mAh.

What battery is the same as lr41?

The AG3 battery is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery commonly used in small consumer electronics. AG3 is a common name and is identical to a LR41 battery.

What are the different uses of a lr41 battery?

The LR41 is an alkaline magnesium battery used in various small electronic devices with little power needs. Such devices include wristwatches, laser points, digital voice recorders, kids’ toys, thermometers, and clocks. The listed devices just mention aren’t the only ones out there that use the LR41 battery.

How many volts does a lr41 battery have?

LR41 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline battery with physical dimensions of (D x H) 7.9 x 3.6 mm (~0.3110 x 0.1417 inches). The nominal voltage of the LR41 battery is 1.5 volts with a cutoff voltage of 0.8 volts. Nominal capacity varies depending on the battery model and use and is usually between 25 and 32 mAh.

What is the equivalent to a lr41 battery?

The answer to this question is yes, there are quite a lot of equivalents to the lr41 battery. Equivalents include G3, LR736, LR4192, SR41, AG3, A63, GP192, SR41SW, 384, 325, 392, SR736, LR41, SB-A1/D1, V384, 280-18, D384, 247, SR736PW, S736E, SR736SW, SR41W and TR41SW.