How many goals did Messi scored in La Liga 2012?

How many goals did Messi scored in La Liga 2012?

Similarly, check out the breakdown of Messi’s goals for both Barcelona and Argentina in 2012: He scored 13 goals in 12 Champions League matches, five goals in eight Copa del Rey games, two goals in two Supercopa tilts and 59 goals in 38 league appearances—good for an astonishing 1.553 goals per game in La Liga.

How many goals does Messi has against Real Madrid?

26 goals
As the second El Clasico of the season approaches, Messi will be looking to add to his tally of 26 goals against Real Madrid. That’s the most ever in this special fixture, with 18 having come in La Liga Santander, two in the Champions League and six in the Spanish Super Cup.

Who has more goals in El Clasico?

Leo Messi
The player who has scored the most goals in the Clasicos played in the 21 years of this century is Leo Messi. The Rosario-born legend simply cannot get enough of scoring in #ElClasico!

Which team has Messi scored most against?

Goals are much rarer against sides from England (every 101 minutes 12 seconds), France (121 minutes 5 seconds), Italy (155 minutes 17 seconds) and Spain (187 minutes 30 seconds)….Who has Messi scored against in UEFA competition?

Opponents by club Real Madrid
Games 2
Minutes 180
Goals 2
Minutes per goal 90m

Who has most goals against Real Madrid?

Nemesis of Madrid teams: Messi has scored the most goals against Real Madrid and Atletico in La Liga history.

How many goals has Messi scored against Real Madrid?

In his 41 appearances against Real Madrid, Messi has scored 26 goals, meaning he holds the record in the fixture. Only 10 of those have been from the penalty spot. He has also registered 14 assists in that time, another record he holds. In addition to his 2007 hat-trick, he netted three times during an El Clasico in 2014.

How old is Messi when he plays for Barcelona?

Lionel Messi may well be entering the twilight of his career, but the Barcelona captain remains as dangerous as ever. With 12 goals from 11 LaLiga appearances so far this season, the 32-year-old has not lost any of his goalscoring touch in his old age.

When did Messi break the all time scoring record?

By 2012, the trio — who formed the backbone of Guardiola’s iconic Barcelona teams — had conquered the world, with Messi leading the way. He was breaking all kinds of records. In March 2012, Messi scored in a league game against Granada to become the club’s all-time leading scorer. He broke a record that had stood since the 1950s.

Why was Barcelona vs Real Madrid pushed back?

Initially scheduled for October, the clash at Camp Nou on Wednesday night had to be pushed back owing to the Catalan protests which were ripping through the heart of the city at the time. You can guarantee La Masia’s most famous son will have been counting down the days until he can get on the pitch and square off against Los Blancos.