How many endings are there in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories?

How many endings are there in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories?

Five endings
Shattered Memories is a reimagination of the first game and retains the premise—Harry Mason’s quest to find his missing daughter in the fictitious American town of Silent Hill—but is set in a different fictional universe, has a different plot, and altered characters, alongside new ones. Five endings are available.

Does Silent Hill: Shattered Memories really profile you?

Much of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories—a game originally designed for Nintendo’s Wii platform, with its motion controls and controller-mounted speakers—is. But it’s not a lie: The game does psychologically profile the player. It does change itself as you play. That’s all true.

How do you get the bad ending in Silent Hill Origins?

Bad Ending – This ending is obtained by killing over 100 enemies in the game. Travis wakes up tied to a hospital bed, still in the Otherworld.

Which version of Shattered Memories is best?

For Shattered Memories you should clearly go for the wii version. Its the most graphically impressive (it will look even better in dolphin) and the controls were clearly designed for a wiimote.

Who do you play in Silent Hill Shattered Memories?

Cheryl Mason
It is revealed that Kaufmann’s patient and the game’s protagonist is actually Cheryl Mason, now 25 years old.

What is the movie Shattered Memories about?

A woman wakes up next to the dead body of a former lover, and must race against time to clear her name and find the real killer.
Shattered Memories/Film synopsis

How long is Silent Hill Shattered Memories?

7 Hours
7 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (7 Hours)

What is the 5th Silent Hill game?

The fifth installment in the Silent Hill series, Origins is a prequel to the first game (1999). Set in the series’ eponymous, fictional American town, Origins follows trucker Travis Grady as he searches for information about a girl whom he rescued from a fire. Along the way, he unlocks his repressed childhood memories.

What is better PSP or PS2?

PSP has one special 3D math coprocessor but it is surprisingly powerful and much easier to program and in many cases faster. A PS2 screen at 640 x 480 has 2.3x the area of a PSP screen at 480×272. As a result a typical PS2 games has quite a lot more to draw and so it needs that extra power.

Is Shattered Memories a Lifetime movie?

Shattered Memories is a 2018 American thriller film written and directed by Chris Sivertson. It is also known as Last Night….Shattered Memories (film)

Shattered Memories
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