Does Toronto Star publish on Sundays?

Does Toronto Star publish on Sundays?

The Toronto Star is owned by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation and part of Torstar’s Daily News Brands division….Toronto Star.

The front page of the January 23, 2013, edition of the Toronto Star
Circulation 193,050 weekdays 290,153 Saturdays 185,159 Sundays in 2018
ISSN 0319-0781

Where can I get the Toronto Star newspaper?

Take a look at our special introductory print subscription options at or subscribe to The Star Digital Access at

What is the main newspaper in Toronto?

The Toronto Star
The Toronto Star Toronto Star is Canada’s largest daily print newspaper, with the largest readership in the country. It is published seven days a week in the Greater Toronto Area.

How much does the Sunday Toronto Star cost?

Only $12.50* a week.

What is the most read paper in Canada?

The Globe and Mail
List of newspapers in Canada by circulation

Rank Newspaper Daily average 2015
1 The Globe and Mail 336,487
2 Toronto Star 318,763
3 Le Journal de Montréal 232,332
4 National Post 186,108

How much does the Toronto Star cost on Saturday?

Toronto Star Subscription

Print/Digital 7-Day Delivery 1 month at $33.54/month. Save 61 %
Print/Digital Saturday & Sunday 1 month at $19.55/month. Save 39 %
Print/Digital Saturday Only 1 month at $15.17/month. Save 22 %

What is the cost of the Saturday Toronto Star?

Only $12.50* a week *Plus HST.

What kind of newspaper is the Toronto Star?

For other uses, see Star (newspaper). The Toronto Star is a Canadian broadsheet daily newspaper.

Who is the owner of the Toronto Star?

© Copyright Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. 1996 – 2021 The Toronto Star and, each property of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6

What was the circulation of the Toronto Star?

The Toronto Star has seen, like most Canadian daily newspapers, a decline in circulation. Its total circulation dropped by 22 percent to 318,763 copies daily from 2009 to 2015. In February 2018, the Toronto Star suspended its internship program indefinitely to cut its costs.

Do you get the New York Times in the Toronto Star ePaper?

1 The Toronto Star ePaper subscriptions do not include The New York Times International Weekly or Book Review. Only home-delivery print subscribers, who currently subscribe to these sections will receive them with their ePaper edition. If you have forgotten your password, click HERE to reset it.