What schools are in Memphis?

What schools are in Memphis?

2021 Best Public Schools in Memphis

  • Bon Lin Elementary School. Bartlett City Schools, TN.
  • White Station High School. Shelby County Schools, TN.
  • Maxine Smith Steam Academy. Shelby County Schools, TN.
  • Campus School.
  • White Station Middle School.
  • Richland Elementary School.
  • Idlewild Elementary School.
  • Middle College High School.

How many schools are in Memphis TN?

Shelby County Schools is Tennessee’s largest public school district and is among the 25 largest public school districts in the United States. Formerly comprised of two smaller districts, Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools, SCS serves over 110,500 students in more than 214 schools.

What is the best K 12 school?

The 2021 Best Private K-12 Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents….

  • St. Mark’s School of Texas.
  • Trinity School.
  • Horace Mann School.
  • Collegiate School.
  • The Brearley School.
  • The Nueva School.
  • Sidwell Friends School.
  • Georgetown Day School.

What school district is 38111 in?

COVID-19: Visit the Tennessee Department of Education COVID-19 resource page for information relevant to Tennessee schools….University Middle.

School Name Arrow Academy of Excellence
Type Public, Charter
Grades K-5
District Shelby County
Students/Teachers Enrollment 88

Where are the best schools in Memphis?

2021 Best School Districts in the Memphis Area

  • Collierville Schools. School District.
  • Germantown. School District.
  • Arlington Community Schools. School District.
  • Bartlett City Schools. School District.
  • DeSoto County School District. School District.
  • Marion School District. School District.
  • Millington.
  • Shelby County Schools.

What is the best school in Memphis Tennessee?

Freedom Preparatory Academy. Memphis, TN.

  • KIPP Memphis Collegiate High School. Memphis, TN.
  • Germantown High School. Germantown, TN.
  • Hollis F. Price Middle College.
  • Memphis Business Academy High School. Memphis, TN.
  • Lake Cormorant High. Lake Cormorant, MS.
  • Central High School. Memphis, TN.
  • Soulsville Charter School. Memphis, TN.
  • When did bussing start in Memphis?

    January 24, 1973
    1972-1973. 33p. On January 24, 1973, the city public school system of Memphis, Tennessee, began implementing the initial phase of a court-ordered desegregation, and 65 buses–the first ever used in Memphis–rolled through the city streets.

    Are Shelby County schools open tomorrow?

    Shelby County Schools – SCS – Due to inclement weather, all SCS schools are closed tomorrow. SCS Administrative Offices also CLOSED Thursday. Please be safe everyone! | Facebook.