What is AAA mature driver discount?

What is AAA mature driver discount?

Are You 55 Years of Age or Older? AAA now provides members with an online mature driver course. It is a great option for anyone 55 years of age or older who would like the convenience of taking an online course that is designed to make it easy to learn at your own pace. AAA members save 20%!

Does AAA offer a defensive driving course?

The nationally-recognized AAA Defensive Driving Course is designed to provide the latest safety information and tips regarding traffic laws and basic rules of the road. The six-hour course can be taken in a classroom with a certified instructor or online.

What is AAA Drive?

AAADrive is a powerful mobile tool in the AAA Mobile® app that can help you improve your driving behaviors and be safer on the road. By providing resources that promote safe driving and reduce dangerous activities, such as distracted driving, we help make our roads safer for everyone.

Does Triple AAA cover rental cars?

REMEMBER: All benefits of your membership follow you the member, NOT your car. So, no matter if you are in a rental car or a passenger in someone elses car, your AAA membership has you covered.

What does AAA Region one do for seniors?

AAA Region One serves as the central information and resource center for finding services and assistance for older adults, adults aged 18+ with HIV/AIDS, adults aged 18+ with disabilities and long-term care needs, and family caregivers throughout Maricopa County, AZ.

Are there any discounts for senior drivers at AAA?

Along with senior discounts and deals, AAA also offers emergency roadside service, senior automobile insurance, travel insurance and other insurance services. The AAA website offers a full listing of local discounts on their website.

What can AAA do to help mature drivers?

AAA offers the following numerous traffic safety and educational programs that aim to help keep mature drivers safely behind the wheel. AAA’s Roadwise Driver online course is geared toward helping older drivers understand age-related changes they may experience and how to adjust their driving accordingly.

What is the AAA senior driver Expo Program?

AAA Senior Driver Expo Program – AAA senior driver expo event where seniors and their families can learn about resources to assist older drivers and receive a driver’s assessment.Across the USA.