Is there an Easter egg on moon?

Is there an Easter egg on moon?

Easter Egg Guide for Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles: Moon Note that you cannot complete the Moon Easter Egg on Solo. You must play online with other players. Fortunately, you can complete the Easter Egg with a minimum of two players, but one player must be the Richtofen fictional character.

What is the origins Easter egg song called?

Shepherd of Fire
The Musical Easter Egg is called “Shepherd of Fire,” and it’s performed by Avenged Sevenfold.

Can you solo Black Ops 3 Easter eggs?

Every other easter egg can be done solo; COTD, Moon, Origins, the giant, Der eisendrache, zetsubo, gorod krovi, revelations, outbreak, infection, carrier, descent, ZISL, RITRW, Shoulin Shuffle, AOTRAT, TBFB, and the final Reich.

How do you complete the origins Easter egg?

There is an achievement for completing the Easter egg called Little Lost Girl, and it requires you to release Samantha.

  1. Step #1 – Secure the Keys.
  2. Step #2 – Ascend From Darkness.
  3. Step #3 – Rain Fire.
  4. Step #4 – Unleash the Horde.
  5. Step #5 – Skewer the Winged Beast.
  6. Step #6 – Wield a Fist of Iron.
  7. Step #7 – Raise Hell.

Where can the hacker spawn in Moon?

ALL Hacker Device Spawns on Moon Remastered (w/ Screenshots)

  • FIRST FLOOR after entrance on bookcase on the left.
  • FIRST FLOOR on the bookcase right before the stairs to the second floor.
  • SECOND FLOOR electrical box on the right at the top of the stairs from first floor.

Is there an Easter egg for Kino der Toten?

Just like other Zombies Chronicles maps, there is a new secret easter egg, involving samantha dolls and giving a max ammo. To begin with, head to the courtyard outside the theater. You must stay near the blue metal door. You will eventually hear 3 codes composed by 3 series of knockings on the door.

Are there any Easter eggs on the Moon?

This is a second Musical Easter Egg on the Zombie Map “Moon.” It’s not really a full song like the first one. It’s an electronical version of the song “Damned.” Press the activate button on the computer next to the MP5K to turn it on. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Full screen is unavailable. Learn More

Where are the teddy bears in the Moon Easter egg?

Find 3 hidden Teddy Bears with Helmets around the map to activate the Easter Egg. Click X (360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) on the Bears to activate them. The song is called “Coming Home” by Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood. The bears are at the following locations:

Where are the radio Easter eggs in Black Ops?

Actually, the crawlers will most likely reach you anyways. All you have to do is press the activate button on each radio. The activate button is X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC). The Radios are found at the following locations:

What are the messages on the radio in Moon?

Each radio has a recorded message on them. It doesn’t matter which one you play first, they will always play in chronological order. These messages are longer than the older ones, so make sure there aren’t any zombies nearby if you want to hear them. Actually, the crawlers will most likely reach you anyways.