Is Family Matters the black version of Full House?

Is Family Matters the black version of Full House?

“Family Matters” is the second longest-running African American sitcom of all time, right after “The Jeffersons.” While the show centered the Winslow family, Steve Urkel became the lead character as the show progressed. He even made an appearance on “Full House.” Urkel is an icon!

What year did full house come out?

It aired from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995, broadcasting eight seasons and 192 episodes.

Did Family Matters and Full House have a crossover?

‘Family Matters’: Steve Urkel Appeared in Multiple Sitcom Crossovers, Including ‘Full House’

When was family matters made?

September 22, 1989
Family Matters/First episode date

Did Steve Urkel play in Full House?

Steve Urkel appeared as a guest star on ‘Full House’ For Full House Season 4, Episode 16, titled “Stephanie Gets Framed,” the middle Tanner sister is trying to adjust to her life with glasses. She finds encouragement from another person who wears glasses — DJ’s friend Julie’s cousin, Steve Urkel.

Will they reboot Family Matters?

As for talk of reuniting his Family Matters cast mates for a full-out reboot, White says it’s a definite possibility. “I’ve hinted at it. There’s something I would really love to do,” he said. “I’m much more interested in creating a show that I know people would just eat up.

Who was the creator of the show Full House?

2) Full House was originally supposed to be a show where a group of comics all lived in the same house. Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, modified the theme slightly to make it more of a family show when he heard that ABC was looking for a show something in the vein of The Cosby Show .

Is the show Family Matters a spinoff of Full House?

Family Matters was already a spinoff of Perfect Strangers; never forget that Family Matters started as a show about Harriette Winslow! But Full House was the first time that Family Matters stepped into a totally different, previously unconnected show.

What was the name of the Puppet on Full House?

ABC used the show to launch other sitcom hits such as Home Improvement, Family Matters and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. The actor Dave Coulier sold the Mr. Woodchuck puppet he made on the show to the toy store Toys “R” Us.

How old was the girls in full house when they started acting?

The sisters made their major acting debut on Full House at 9 months, reportedly getting the role as they were the only babies during casting that didn’t cry. They mostly filmed scenes apart on the show, subbing for the other when it was naptime or when one was too fussy.