Do you need a license for an ICON A5?

Do you need a license for an ICON A5?

The ICON A5 is a sexy new ultra-light amphibious sport aircraft that requires only a sport airplane license instead of the full private pilot license to fly. A sport license allows you to fly in daylight hours only when visibility is 3 miles or greater.

How much does it cost to own an Icon A5?

The price for a fully equipped A5 will be US$389,000, while the base price will rise to US$269,000, although base models will not be delivered until 2019 at the earliest.

Can I rent an Icon A5?

“People from all over the world can now experience the A5 and the ICON training program, regardless of whether or not they are deposit holders. And, for the first time, training program graduates can rent an A5 and take it out and do the type of sport flying that most people never get to experience.

What is the range of an Icon A5?

556 km
ICON A5/Range

The A5 can fly or cruise at a maximum speed of 105kt. Its maximum take-off weight is 1,430lb. The take-off and landing distance of the plane is 750ft and the range is 300 nautical miles.

Can you rent an Icon A5?

Does the Icon A5 have a parachute?

Even if you do encounter a catastrophic emergency while piloting the Icon A5, the plane has a huge parachute onboard that is actually big enough to support the weight of the entire aircraft.

Is it fun to fly an ICON A5?

ICON A5 Review – Grab your water shoes, beach towel and swimsuit! On an earlier blog I wrote about obtaining my Commercial Seaplane Rating in Alaska, you may have read how much fun it is to fly a floatplane (seaplane rating per the FAA).

What are the features of the A5 icon?

From its jet ski-like maneuverability during water landings to its spin resistant airframe, the A5 comes fully equipped with some of the best features a novice pilot could ever dream of. During production, safety was of utmost importance and incorporated every step of the way during the aircraft’s design.

How big is the A5 icon Sea Wing?

With 500-700 foot takeoff clearance needed in water, the A5-Icon maneuvers more like a jet ski and can handle choppy waters (designed for up to 18” waves). The sea wing design keeps the propeller completely dry during water take-offs or landings.

Why did ICON Aircraft request a weight increase?

The team needed more weight to play with. So Icon Aircraft petitioned the FAA to allow for a weight increase for the A5.