Are bio ethanol fires any good?

Are bio ethanol fires any good?

Yes, bioethanol fires produce real-burning flames that give off plenty of heat, making them a fantastic, like-for-like alternative to traditional gas or log-burning fire for heating homes and gardens.

Are bioethanol fires expensive to run?

In comparison to the running costs of gas and wood burning fires, bio fuel fires are not expensive to run, and when compared with the operating costs of other fireplace types, bio fuel fires came out cheapest. However, the average running cost of any bioethanol fire can vary due to the 3 main factors of consumption.

Do bioethanol fires give off much heat?

How much heat does a bioethanol fireplace give off in kilowatt-hours? In technical terms, bioethanol fireplaces produce around three kilowatt-hours (kWh) of heat when the fuel gauge is fully open. To give you an idea of how hot this is, the average electric fire will generate around 2kWh of heat.

Are bioethanol fires environmentally friendly?

Bioethanol is a clean eco-friendly fuel. It’s produced by the fermentation of vegetable matter rather than fossil fuels such as gas or coal. Bioethanol burns cleanly producing no fumes or smoke and also produces far lower levels of carbon.

What are the disadvantages of bioethanol?

Drawbacks of bioethanol include: The amount of arable land needed to grow the crops in order to produce a large amount of fuel is immense. This could greatly impact the biodiversity of our environment as we could see natural habitats being overrun, including forests.

Do you need a chimney for a bio ethanol fire?

Unlike gas or wood-burning fireplaces, there is no need for a flue or chimney in a room with a bio ethanol fireplace. That being said, bio ethanol fires consume some of the oxygen in the room, which means that fresh air needs to be let in once in a while.

Will a bioethanol fire heat a room?

However, what we can say is that an Imagin Bioethanol fireplace will heat an average sized living room by around 3 to 5 degrees. This is approximately the same as having an electric heater on a medium setting. You can of course adjust many of the Biofires so that the flame is larger or smaller.

Is bioethanol the same as ethanol?

Chemically speaking, Bioethanol and Ethanol are the exact same compound as the chemical formula is identical. Bioethanol is considered to be made through a more eco-friendly process using the fermentation of contemporary materials such as sugar beets, corn, straw, and wood.

Can you have a TV above a bioethanol fire?

As there is no smoke given off by our bioethanol fires, you don’t need to worry about smoke damage to your TV. Ideally you can leave 18 inches (approximately 45cm) between the top of the fire and the bottom of the TV.

Which is the best bioethanol fire on the market?

The oneConcept Phantasma Tower Ethanol Fireplace is very popular freestanding bioethanol fire design, and available at a very competitive price level. The current Amazon review rating for the oneConcept Phantasma Tower Ethanol Fireplace is 5 STARS with the latest review stating “lovely fire” and “generate a reasonable amount of heat”.

Is it safe to use bio ethanol in a fireplace?

Bio Ethanol is a completely Eco-Friendly fuel. It is produced from food waste, creating no extra environmental harm, therefore it is one of the cleanest and most efficient sources of extra heat in your home. Ethanol fireplace is one of the safest and cleanest fireplace solutions for modern eco-homes.

How long does it take to make a bio ethanol fire?

Biofires use an environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel which will give you a real flame and real heat! There’s no chimney required, no flue to install, no cables to connect and no mains power needed. We will deliver most of our beautiful bioethanol fireplaces within 5 days, and often within 72 hours! Helping each other make better choices.

What do you need to know about bio ethanol burners?

This Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert offers flexibility of adjusting the flame and is built with industries thickest steel of 3mm. The ethanol burners provide extreme ease of adoption to any environment where a fireplace is desired. With the ethanol fireplace burner insert, you have no more need to haul wood, run electric or gas lines.